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Sharon’s mom goes past Swayam. rey comes and says that it seems your mother in law left you sweating. Swayam says that I don’t understand what her problem is. Rey says that if you want something whole heartedly, the whole universe tends to let you meet that. Swayam says that she is very diffuclt. Rey consoles that she came here on his first invitation and is enjoying the party too so you must try something else on him. Swayam says that she always like the youngsters company. Rey says that there is a problem with the Raiprakash family that their females doesn’t cross the age of 16. Swayam sees someone else going to her, Rey says leave it, you cant do it.
The girl introduces herself as Rina fresher to Nil, Amar and Vicky. She calls her friend Tasha, she gets an introduction with them.

asks Amar can he be her date. Bharat says he will surely be. They both leave. Vicky says that everyone here has a date, only I don’t have. He calls KT, and then thinks she must be busy with her fiancé. Huma and Karma here, and Ishika and Raghv there still argue. Karma and Huma argues because Karma suggests about the magic tricks. Simmi tells Raghv and Ishika to get ready with the skit.
Sharon’s mom checks the menu and is impressed by it. Swayam gives instructions to the waiter to serve her to taste the menu. She asks who set this, Swayam though acts from behind not to take his name, still the waiter tells her. Swayam comes and asks if everything is alright. She asks him did he ask Sharon about the menu, to impress me. He says that he remembers when he came to brunch and she told him that she takes salads only. And she also doesn’t like fried sugary things so sugar-free baked cheese cake. He says that he hopes she enjoys her food, and goes back. Her mom eats the salad and says nice. Swayam jumps yelling Yes! She looks back, he begins talking to a group that he has been selected.
Ishika tells Raghav that he got her caught. Raghav suggest movies to her, she doesn’t know the name of one, he says he is talking about the Bengali culture movies. He then explains that these movies don’t exist. She begins to go, her dupatta gets stuck, and she tells him to leave. He says he can’t, she looks behind. He says he didn’t hold it, and helps her getting the dupatta lose. Raghav promises her that they will do whatever movie she will say to do. She says that they will do Mene Pyar Kia. He takes it genuinely, she explains it is Salman Khan’s movie. He says he has promised so shall we practice.
Nil and Amar takes the girls to a bench. They say where to put the purses, they both takes them. The girls say it’s too hot, they blow fans while as they say they feel thirsty, they take juices for them too.
Huma asks that magic-trick, are you fooling me or Rey. He asks does she thinks herself a fool or Rey? Huma says challenge accepted. Rey comes and Karma tells him he will do the magic trick on Huma, as she accepted his challenge. Rey says that you don’t have to do the trick on each other, they both say together that we have to do it this way. Rey says that at least you both agree on something and leaves.
Nil and Amar finally takes the girls to dance. They both begin dancing and enjoying while the girls feel awkward. The girls objects, they show them another way to dancing. The girls hit them and leaves saying they don’t know how to dance.
Nil says the simmi that he forgot telling her she looks beautiful today. He says that it was a compliment, you should accept it at least. Simmi says that I accepted you with your flaws then what is the need for compliment. He says he want to be romantic with her, but Vicky comes there.
Sharon comes to her mom and says that she is happy she came to the fresher’s party. Her mom appreciates their arrangements, Sharon says thank you on Swayam’s behalf. Sharon says she was busy with the auditions, Swayam managed it all. Her mom says she met the fresher’s. Sharon says I want to talk to you about a student, Karma. She says he can’t pay the whole fee, her mom says that it isn’t possible. She says she is doing business, she can’t tell their creditors that they will pay in installments. Rules are rules. Sharon says that our financial conditions aren’t good too; her mom says that’s why I am doing this. Sharon says that you never understand the problems of others, that’s why we are in a big crisis today. She leaves. Her mom sees Swayam, having listened the conversation. He comes to her.

PRECAP: Huma challenges Sharon to dance with her. During the dance, Sharon fells down.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. please update fast 🙂

  2. saamiraa can u tell me ke swayam aur sharon ki shaadi ke liye sharon ki mom maan gayi plz

    1. I dont think so as far as i know sharons mom does not like swayam 🙂

  3. So foolish huma so disgusting raghv …..karma and ishika i luv u too.

  4. it was so nice episode today thank you sona for the update
    nehaa sharon’s mother does not like swayam that’s why swayam is trying to impress her 🙂
    nehaa i think you got your answer if no please tell me you are the first freind who ask a question to me i would be glad if i can help you 🙂 by the way hi nehaa

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