Dil Dosti Dance 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 8th January 2013 Written Update

Sharon is in the auditorium recollecting all the memories of the past.She feels this is the most important place where major activities of her life took place.She recollects her dancing with Swayam,Swayam’s first dance,their fights,interactions and a lot more.The relationship which was Like for her and Love for Swayam.The promise which was made between the two on the last day of the Dance camp-about themselves,about dance where they promised not to leave dance under any circumstances cause Dance connects them.Swayam enters the auditorium and calls her.She hears his name and slowly turns slightly.

Taani is in her room when she hears a beep sound and checks the college site where the group picture has been updated.She thanks God as they have won.The picture is zoomed where she can see Rey clearly.She feels that he is not happy.Rey climbs up the window and sees her watching his picture.She tells he does not look good when he is unhappy.Rey asks her then when does he look good,thats when she notices Rey standing inside her room.She jumps up and asks him what is he doing here.

Swayam says he has been searching for her in the auditorium.How could he not recognize that she will be here.This is the place where she belongs to-The stage,The dance.
Sharon does not look at him and Swayam comes forward.Her gaze was still fixed down to which Swayam says that he is here.He asks her to look at him.She tells that it is really a beautiful moment when they had won the match and the return of her.When she calls Swayam he feels really happy to here her name from her mouth finally.She asks him if he will leave her alone for some time and moves a step forward so that he cannot see her.

Taani asks Rey why is he here.He questions her back asking why didnt she come.She replies saying she was unwell.rey tells her that he will easily find out her lies.He also says truth cant be hidden.

Swayam asks what has happened to her.He is trying to make her comfortable but she is proving him wrong.He asks her what is wrong.Sharon replies saying that neither of both of them are wrong.He asks her didn’t she miss him to which Sharon replies saying there was nothing to be missed.Swayam questions her asking about their last meet.Didn’t it matter anything to her to which she replies blankly saying she needed a break.She also suggests him to take a break so that he will to get time.Swayam feels strange and tells her that they are back to square one.Same like before.Nothing has changed.He also tells her that his commitment is forever. He will find out what has changed.they cant be one day in a relationship and next day back to normal.Sharon says that if it turns out to be square then it means that they belong to square one.Swayam says that no they have moved forward and he will prove this to her.Sharon walks away fast hiding her tears.

Rey tells to Taani that no one can run from the truth.He is not happy even after he has won the match,their college has won cause she is not with him.He feels incomplete without her cause he loves her.

Precap: Rey tells her his feelings.Sharon dance and then Swayam to joins her.

Update credit to: asmaju

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