Dil Dosti Dance 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 8th August 2013 Written Update

The whole team (except Rey ) receive the outfits and they find exclusive outfit for Rey.They find a chit on one of boxes which says other outfits for Rey will be delivered shortly.Sharon asks them if there is any information about other outfit for the gang.Simi says there is no other chit which means no change for the gang.They come to the point Rey will be the star and they will be background dancers in the album.They decide to talk to Aditya about the outfits.All are upset and furious about the partiality towards Rey.

Scene shifts to abandoned corridor where Sharon is waiting for Swayam .She is balbbering about how girls loose importance after being girl friend from the love interest.She thinks Swayam used to come early to meet her now he is 5 mins late.Swayam reaches saying

sorry and gives explanation that it took time as he was with the team.Sharon replies to him saying even she was there and she sneeked out.Swayam says you are Sharon Rai Prakash.People are scraed of you.Sharon asks him adorably whether he is also scared of her.He says he used to be scared while talking to her.She asks if he is still afraid of her.He replies saying now he is scared to loose her.She tells him not to be scared .They come close to each other sharing a sweet moment of love .Suddenly Swayam reminds her why she wanted to meet him.She pushes him and says she wanted to talk about the team.Why everyone is so hyper and angry on Rey.Swayam says gang is feeling Aditya is biased towards Rey.Sharon says its not Rey’s fault if Aditya is biased towards him.Swayam supports her.But he says Gang is also correct in their place .Its their 1st step towards professional dance and everyone want recognition.Swayam changes the topic saying he dont want to discuss this serious things with Sharon.Sharon says lets discuss about your wishlist.She teases an embarrassed Swayam saying his cheeks turn red while discussing about his wish list.Swayam tells her to take it slow and its not a race .Sharon agrees to him and they leave for RH to meet the designer.

In RH an arrogant designer comes with her assistants.She says gang urgently need her grooming session.She makes the whole gang stand in a line and start passing comments about their looks.He taunts Bharat about his pimples,Vickey about his hairstyle and Amar about his plain looks.She comments on Nilesh about his hieght and body and Simi about her heght .She tells Neha that her hair is not having volume so she needs a wig.She tells Rini she will get best body award.Swayam and Sharon enter the RH.She tells Sharon that she is ok still she needs to work on her.She goes to Swayam and says if he wants to be a celebrity he has to leave his chocolate boy looks.Sharon whispers to him saying dont even think about changing your look.He assures her saying he wont change his look.

Rey is selecting the desings and color theme for the music album.He says he has selected the colors and theme according to his and team’s taste.The designer asks him which is his personal choice.He tells about his choice also.

Aditya enters the RH where designer is with the gang.Vicky says they wanted to talk to him about the outfits as their outfit are different from Rey.Boys laugh on Bharat’s joke about the designer’s behavior .Aditya shouts on them saying things going on here is not a Joke.Neha replies to him saying they have become a joke because of this .Aditya shouts on her saying they need to be professional .He is the boss and everything will be according to his wish.They have to accept his decision.Its either his way or high way.

Aditya says he wants to see the routine fixed by Swayam and Neha . Swayam looks at Neha who is disturbed so he requests Aditya for some time but Aditya insists to watch the routine .Swayam and Neha start dancing but due to Neha’s low mood she is not able to concentrate on the dance.Aditya mocks her .Sharon comes to her rescue and says Neha is scared.She tells Aditya that she will show the routine with Swayam.Swayam and Sharon present an impressive dance routine.After their dance Aditya goes to Neha and tells her to be a lead material 1st then dream about being the lead dancer.A hurt Neha leaves the place.Aditya tells the team to be professional and leaves RH.Sharon follows Aditya and tries to make him understand about Neha.She says Neha is conscious about her language and herself so she got scraed .Aditya tells her he wants the team to overcome their weak points.Its a coach’s duty to polish the team.Sharon feels there is point in his statement.

Vicky sends a message to everyone to come to projector room.He informs all that Neha has decided to quit the team and accept the offer for bhojpuri album.Neha tells the team ita time to take themselves seriously so she is accepting the offer.

Precap:Sharon informs Rey over phone that Neha is quitting the team and gang has decided not to stop her.Neha’s farewell party at Sharon’s place.Vicky gets emotional and tells Swayam when he needs his best friend Rey the most he is not there.Swayam tells him to call Rey.After the call Vicky says Rey is busy in giving interview.He has chosen stardom over friendship.

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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