Dil Dosti Dance 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 7th October 2013 Written Update

Whole gang is super excited due the return of dance in their lives.They are dancing and having fun while getting ready for college with the back ground score “hum he naye andaz kyu ho purana”.Bharath is dancing while cleaning vehicle in his garage .Sharon,Simi,Rinni are dancing while getting ready for college.Rey is excited and happy that dance is back in their lives and dancing while doing exercise. Swayam is having breakfast and dancing out of excitement.Sharon imagines Swayam in front of her and they dance on skates.He kisses her hand..She blushes thinking about her imagination.Swayam imagines Sharon and they dance together.

They finally reach college.Swayam notices Rey who is playing basket ball.Nilesh and Vicky join him .They all join Rey in playing BB and finally they

start dancing in BB court.Bharath and Amar are dancing in Boys locker room.Sharon,Simi and Rinni are dancing while passing the corridor.Whole gang meet each other in Atrium and they share their feelings and excitement as dance is back.Swayam says the beginning of day is perfect.Rey says its a special day ,D-Day.D-day means Dance Day.

They decide to do everything through dance.Rini asks how can they dance without music.Swayam tells her,they can dance with the rythm of their heart beats.They try to listen to their heart beats.Sharon admired Swayam who is listening to his own heart beats.They decide to go to canteen .Simi says they will go to canteen while dancing.They follow their heart beats and go towards canteen while dancing.

They are having conversation about dance .Nilesh says he is feeling fit,this fitness is called dance fitness.Rini says she feels like she can fly.Simi continues that its like falling in love with your ex-boy friend.Whole gang mainly Nilesh is shocked to hear ex-boyfriend from simi.He asks her who is her ex-boy freind.She says it was just an example.
Rini asks Sahron if she is also feeling the same.Falling in love with ex-boy friend.Swayam and Sharon feel awkward.Sharon leaves the place to avoid further questions.Vicky and Nilesh say Sharon is comfortable because her ex-boyfriend was Shivam.Swayam says,Sharon was never dating Shivam.Simi says ,even she didnt know that.All of them ask Swayam why he is taking Sharon’s side.They tease him .

Sharon goes to the Girls Locker room.She remembers the question Rini asked her.If she is feeling like falling in love with her ex-boyfriend.Sharon recalls all the moments she has spent with Swayam i.e. their confession,their dates and other moments of love.She questions herself if she ever fall out of love with Swayam.She recalls her words when she said Rey that,it kills to face Swayam everyday .And to pretend that he dont affect her.She recalls Rey’s words.Rey told her to bent a little for her love.Not to give up on her love.Swayam never gave up on her.If Swayam would have given up,she could never feel the beautiful feeling of love.She thinks,Rey was right.She decided to get Swayam back in her life.This time she has to do something.She thinks what she can do to get back Swayam.She decides to make list of all ideas and choose the best .Suddenly she notices her perfume which was a gift from Swayam.She recalls all gifts which Swayam gave her as her secret admirer.She decides to be Swayam’s secret admirer and attract Swayam towards her.

Gang enter the class room and start dancing .Sharon also joins them.Suddenly VP comes to the classroom.They say sorry for their behavior.Swayam says they were celebrating.VP says they have reason to celebrate,as they have made the Ganesh Dance Fest a sucess.Also dance team is back to dance.Rey says they have declared the day as Dance day and they will do everything through dance.VP allows them to do that for one day but without going over the top.VP says he wants to give some information which is serious.Gang is worried to know the news.But VP says he will inform them after class.And he tells them to keep the enthusiasm.They decide to have fun and keep the enthusiasm .

They dance during class.The back ground score is Dil Dosti Dance title track.They make teachers dance along with them.After the class they discuss about the whole day and the fun moments.Swayam reminds them that they have to meet VP.They start wondering what will be the information VP sir want to share.

Precap:Sharon as secret admirer

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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