Dil Dosti Dance 7th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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UpdateRey talks to Swayam about phone who asks him to tell if he know something about Chintoo. Rey is worried how to find Chintoo. Nil and Vicky saw statuses of people on facebook. Rey thinks about putting a status about Chintoo on social media. Chintoo goes on the roads with Rey’s photo, but no one is ready to help him.

Simmi tells them that it is about Nil’s message, telling that Chintoo has run away from his house. Some courier man brings flowers for Ishika, Raghv disliked it but the slip said it is from secret admirer. They all appreciate her. Karma says he has seen this somewhere. He recognizes the ‘S’ when Huma drags him out.

Chintoo looks for Rey, by showing his photo to everyone. He sees a stall of Varapao, steals one and eats it. He heads to take another, when

an inspector gets catches him stealing.
A car is about to hit them. Rey takes police call, and promises to come. He tells Nil and Vicky that police found a boy had an accident.
Huma complains to Karma, that he only knows to destroy other’s work. Karma gets it that she is Ishika’s secret admirer, as she makes such an S. He laughs that she is liking a girl. She says she wants to make Raghv and Ishika realize that they both love each other. Karma asks was she writing this very note, in the morning. Huma asks him to keep it their secret. He asks who is she, that he should take her secret. She says I beg you not to tell anyone. He asks her to sweetly asks him with a big pleaesee…. He agrees, but says she owes him this secret.

Chintoo dances in the police station. Rey hugs him. The inspector tells them that he was stealing and got injured. The inspector asks Rey who is he. Rey says he is the little champion.

Sharon insists upon Swayam to eat something. His dadi and Bua enter the room. Swayam asks dadi not to be upset, as his father has agreed too. Dadi was angry, that his father is a crazy man. Swayam asks her not to be angry, else he won’t get well. Bua advocates him, dadi accepts their apology. She says that they have kept the limits of each relation. Dadi says they must limit their meeting now. Swayam asks what she meets. She says she will take him to Jodhpur when he gets well, and show him the best girls in town. She asks Sharon to get married. Sharon takes a leave, Swayam stops her. Swayam asks her nearer, and tells dadi that they are engaged. He has proposed Sharon. Dadi leaves in anger, Bua follows. Sharon was worried that she is even more angry. Swayam says he thinks it wasn’t the right think.

In the evening, Sharon asks Swayam on phone did he talked to dadi. He tells her to relax, she left so he couldn’t talk to her. She says she thinks she hates her. He says she doesn’t, he will tell her how much he loves her.

Sharon’s mother comes to ask Sharon why is she tensed. Sharon tells her that Swayam’s family is conservative and isn’t ready to accept her. Her mother says that when one decides to marry, families get involved. She will have to win their hearts. Anamika tells her that she also had to make great adjustments for her dad. Sharon says she will have to adjust, as dadi isn’t going to change in this age.

Huma writes something in the rehearsal halls. Karma comes and reads it. Huma asks why is he following her again. He asks he must take love classes from her. She asks is he complimenting her. He says she compliments him. She says eww on his flirt. He comes closer, and asks her how to flirt. He holds her hand, comes closer and whisper in her ear. He says ‘All girls are fools’. She runs after him. He says they both are good in one thing only, she asks what. She asks shall he tell him.

Chintoo apologizes his dad on phone, and asks him to tell maa to eat. Rey sits with him, and shares pizza. He says he has to learn dance, but when he runs away from home his parents won’t like it. He says he did it all for dance, he must not send him to village. Rey says when he will live in Mumbai, he will learn English. Chintoo hugs him for not sending him to village, takes Kriya’s photo and says she is beautiful. Rey says she is his special friend. He asks who was that Sara then. Rey says she too. He thinks where Sara is.

PRECAP: Sharon asks Swayam will they always stay same. He says ofcourse, just his love will keep increasing.

Update Credit to: Sona

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