Dil Dosti Dance 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 7th March 2014 Written Update

Rey argues with the cop, but Kriya stops him and asks him to behave properly as he’s a cop in the end. The cop then takes Rey and Kriya to inspector. Rey explains to the inspector what happened, but he thinks Rey is making excuses as well. Kriya requests the inspector to let them go. Seeing that, Rey tells the inspector, Kriya didn’t do anything and asks him to let Kriya go. The inspector asks Kriya for her ID, but she says she forgot it at her home and she lives alone, so no one can bring it for her. The inspector sends a lady constable with Kriya.

Swayam and Sharon are having a good time watching TV. They see a romantic clip. Sharon gets sleepy, and she tries to stay up with Swayam, but she slowly falls asleep on Swayam’s shoulder. Swayam also then falls asleep after a while.


hand, Ruhi writes down Swayam and Sharon’s names on her table. She then crosses out Sharon’s name and says she may have failed her plan today, but she won’t be able to next time. Swayam says Sharon is boss of everyone, but Ruhi will be Sharon’s boss and make her do everything that she wants her to do. She will never let Sharon succeed in her plans. She then writes down her name beside Swayam’s and says she will love him a lot. Sharon is not worth of Swayam.

The inspector talks to Rey’s dad and lets Rey go with a warning of not raising a hand against on duty cop. Rey says the cop started pushing him, and then he lost his cool. The inspector warns the cop as well. Kriya comes with her passport. The inspector says it’s an American passport and her Indian visa expired 3 days ago. They request a lot, but in vain as the inspector says Kriya must return US and renew her Indian visa there.

Rey calls Swayam-Sharon and asks them to arrange a lawyer and send D3 boys to police station.

Even the lawyer fails to do anything and Kriya has to return to US now. The inspector gives her few minutes to meet her friends. Kriya hugs everyone and tells Swayam to get well soon. In end, she comes to Rey and both have an eyelock. Kriya recalls her time with Rey. They were about to hug, but the lady constable comes and takes Kriya with her. Kriya turns back to Rey with a teary eye as she leaves. Rey recalls his time with Kriya and becomes sad.

Precap: Rey regrets for his behavior with Kriya. VP sir tells Rey, Sharon, Swayam if they had informed him earlier, then he could have done something. Other hand, Kriya’s flight takes off.

Update Credit to: D3 Fan

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