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Swayam and Sharon announces that tonight is all about letting lose and have fun. Raghav comes to Ishika. She asks you, Raghav also shows himself shocked. Huma asks Karma, you? Karma says that tonight is even no fun. Swayam tells everyone to hold hands passionately. Raghav says to ishika she cant hold her hand. Huma denies holding Karma’s hand. Karma begins to go away from Huma, while Ishika and Raghav argues. They say get lost to each other. Raghav calls Ishika ‘ChuiMui’. They say that they are heading for some other patner.
Sharon announces that there will be a senior each with a couple. Rey comes to Huma and stops her. She says you, he asks where is your buddy? She says he is more an enemy than a buddy. He says that this attitude doesn’t suits a dancer. Karma holds hands to Huma.

comes to Ishika, Raghav comes and says she can call him Raghav or anything. Simmi calls him Tommy and tells him to go to the corner. Ishika tells her she has to make a call; Vishnu tells her that he is driving and will call her later. Simmi calls Raghav and says that team work is most important. They shake hands.
Sharon announces that Dil Dosti Dance is the theme of tonight, swayam announces that they all must do an act on it. He leaves the stage, Sharon follows him while her mom watches them.
Simmi comes to Raghv and Ishika again, she says that she will do the choreography but ishika says that she cant dance. Simmi says we can think of a skit.
Sharon comes and hugs swayam. He says he was looking for her mom. She feels annoyed that he forgets herself in front of her mom. He says that to get Sharon, it is necessary to be in her mom’s good books, but he is nowhere near. She says she is sure, he will win her heart. He asks anyway where is she.
he leaves looking for her.
Karma doesn’t take Huma’s hand and withdraws his. Karma says that there is no chance of shaking hands with her. Rey suggests they should dance together. Huma says same here. Karma says he cant even think of her face, Huma says he is afraid of her dance. Karma says I will dance in front of everyone. Rey says what will happen next, Karma says she knows. Rey takes them both by shoulders and says that they should think of something other than dance.
Vicky, nil and Amar are disappointed that no girls gives any lifts to them. A girl comes to them and asks is he Nil, she saw him in the VB. Nil dances, she asks will you be my partner for today. He agrees. She asks are you Amar? Amar says Amal! She says whatever.
Vishnu tells Ishika that he was caught by a police officer while talking to her on phone during driving.
Karma says to Huma that her name was even not in the list, Huma says that he must know that he is also like that Sharon. Karma says it doesn’t surprise me that you even have problem with her, your level of frustration tells here who is the loser. Rey comes and says that if they keep on fighting they will lose the Mr. and Mrs. Trophy.
Rey is frustrated and asks them in which class they are in. He tells them to grow up as they aren’t kids anymore. He tells them that he decided that they won’t dance together now. He says that you both have to stay in the college for three years, they both says that they don’t like their faces even. Rey tells them to stop it now, he says that they wont be able to dance anywhere this way. Karma and she begins to leave, but Rey says that he has decided that they will participate as a team.
Raghav comes to Sharon’s mom and says that you are gorgeous Miss. She says Mrs. Avantika Rai Prakkash. I am sharon’s mom and the board of directors of the college. Swayam comes and asks a man, he tells him that Mrs Raiprakash has left. He goes and listens to Raghav and Avantika’s talk. Raghav says that Sharon has inherited her good looks. She smiles. He asks where are you going. She says it is juniors party, he asks her to stay as they will like it. He bends down and holds her hands. He takes them and comes inside.
Swayam comes to Avantika and asks is she comfortable and wants something else. She asks him that he sometimes brings lunch for her, sometime something else. He says I dint get it. She tells him that she has a lot of dreams for Sharon and its good to tell you about it before.

PRECAP: Sharon talks to her mom about Karma. She says no way, Sharon says that he will pay in instalments and our financial conditions aren’t well too. They have an argument in which Sharon leaves, swayam hears this

Update Credit to: Sona

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