Dil Dosti Dance 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 7th February 2013 Written Update

Everyone is sitting and they all tell how they decide to follow their heart because there’s only dance in it. Rey comes and sees them all. The boys jumps him over and Vicky kisses Rey on cheek and girls are shocked and wonder if they’re gay. Neha says there’s nothing to worry as she knows her Babu.

They are all excited and hide behind bushes to decide how to enter. They locate their target and Bharat gives them passes for last year. Sharon is told to have attitude to which she replies, ‘This isn’t a thing to tell me!’ Obviously offended Everyone shushes her. Simmi says they will enter just like celebrities. Bharat, as always, takes English as foul language and warns Simmi that he’s having a good say so don’t make him mad. Everyone pulls him down and beats him

up and explains it wasn’t a bad word

Sharon says she will need an assistant to which, Swayam is the first one to volunteer saying he’s her best assistant ever. Sharon refuses and says Simmi will be her assistant. Everyone persuades her saying a boy and girl jodi will be much better to confuse the people who are doing registration. She walks up and when Swayam doesn’t follow, she looks back and with attitude, orders him to follow her. Swayam pounces on the word and then looks back at others and repeats the orders of his ‘boss’

Swayam leads the boys into wearing glasses. He himself has the weird glasses and upon asked, replies he couldn’t find any better. Rey, who is lost in his own world, is pulled by the boys and convinced into having the team spirit and putting on the glasses. Sharon and Simmi lead the girls. Simmi shows everyone to pout, flutter and have attitude. Sharon leads them into ordering by doing a catwalk.

The whole team together, enters like celebrities and get in before the registrars can question. Sharon and Swayam stay back. Swayam introduces Sharon as The Sharon Raiprakash and everyone seems to remember her from last year and praises her. No one seems to remember Swayam To which he brushes if off and pulls the person in the room saying Sharon can’t stay and talk with them in the middle of the place and standing in the sun

Inside, the whole team rejoices on getting in. Rey gives them a negative sentence and apologizes. He walks away to calm himself and calls Taani. When asked where he is and others as well as to her, it seemed like everyone bunked on the same day. Rey tells her they aren’t there because they are here [in India fest]

Taan is upset hearing this. Rey tries to make her understand that no one could tell her as she is the GS and they were breaking the rules. He also tells her that everyone is following their heart. Taani says ‘Even you since you’re there. I’m not in your heart since I’m not there’. with that, the phone call ends and Rey is worried for his relationship. Still, he walks back to his team.

Sharon and Swayam talk the person around and confuse him around while having a little cute argument of their own on ‘Me and hum’. They finally settle on ‘representing college’. The person tells them that they aren’t registered and there isn’t room booked for them. Sharon tells him they will give him the information of registration and the room they will get it booked. As she goes on to pamper him, Swayam slowly pulls her away. The person watches them leave and wonders how they will get a room booked when all the rooms are already reserved.

With the team, Sharon and Swayam come to know about there being no vacancy. Sharon says she’s taken for granted and everyone pampers her. Aashi suggests there is a outroom types where they can stay as they will have to spend the night.

Rey then asks if they even have a plan to get into the event, forget the rooms. Everyone begs him to come up with a plan as he’s the plan master. They get on his feet etc. Then Rey tells them the plan and they all agree to it by boosting him and repeating everything he says.

Everyone marches in with different pair of clothes [So I’m guessing it’s the next day?]

Precap: Taani comes to India Fest, tells Rey GS can be anyone. But his GF can only be her. They share a hug. Sharon mistakenly touches Swayam’s bare chest. Swayam teases her saying she knew he’d be here. She walks saying he could keep his imagination. Swayam tells her he doesn’t need imagination. He only needs her. Sharon stops walking as he says that. India Fest begins and glimpses of different performances are given.

Update Credit to: Khushii

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