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They all come out, and asks Rey what his plan is which he didn’t tell in front of Swayam. Rey says they will do the biggest musical, all sold out, biggest sponsors. Nil says he must remember that in the past they had to face so many hurdles. Rey says that they were college students then, had restrictions. Now they are an independent academy. Simmi says they have less time for preparations. Rey asks them to meet at his home.
Bharat and Amar come to Karma, in café. They asks has he said I love you to Huma. Karma says he will, as he doesn’t know to lose. They laugh. Bharat says that in matters of girls, confidence isn’t a good thing. Karma says he is almost there, Huma will love him. Amar says overconfidence kills a man, he will feel really bad when heart-broken. Karma thinks Huma has

to love him, and that soon too.
Sharon sits besides Swayam, he watches her ring and says he has to fulfil his promise and give a new ring to him. A lady rushes into the room, and thinks if she has come into a wrong room, looking at Sharon and Swayam. Swayam recognizes him as Nini bua. Swayam introduces Sharon as his college friend. Nini bua says Swayam’s father told her about the accident. If he knows about the girl. Swayam overlooks it, and asks about the kids. They enter. Swayam introduces Sharon to all the kids, a girl comments that Sharon aunty’s shirt is too short. Sharon says that eelu is just like him. Sharon leaves to talk to doctor, Bua tells Swayam his dadi has also arrived. The kids snatch Sharon’s cell phone. She runs after them, when their nani comes there. She asks what is happening here, the kids complain and nani scolds Sharon. She says that grandparents are more spoilt than the kids.
Huma was in the rehearsal hall, Karma comes calling Rey. He notices Huma was hiding something she was writing. He takes it from her, she asks him to return it. He says he is giving it back, as she is saying. He turns to say that he will get to know what she is hiding.
Dadi enters Swayam’s room, and asks where is his injury, he looks good. He must learn to live with pain. Sharon comes after knocking the room. Dadi asks what this girl is doing here. Bua says she is college’s friend. Dadi asks hasn’t college ended. Swayam says that friendship remains even after the college. The kids begin to jump on the bed. Sharon forbids them, they now start running in the room. Sharon asks them to stop it, this is hospital.
Rey waits for Sara’s call. He gets a call, it was Chintoo’s dad. He tells him that Chintoo has run away from home, has left a letter that he is going to Mumbai to Rey to learn dance. Rey says he will look for him here.
Dadi asks Swayam she shouted at their children, why he didn’t say anything to her. Swayam says she didn’t mean anything wrong, she just worries for him. Bua says that someone just friend won’t care for anyone like this. Dadi says Sharon’s dress is too short. The kids tease her for her clothes. Bua stops them, Swayam says it is just a joke. Sharon says it is not ok, She is not his friend but girlfriend. Bua says that it is all about big cities traditions, they are more than just friends. Dadi asks what she is listening to. Swayam says Bua is right, but she must not worry as his dad knows about it. Bua wonders this girl is so cunning, Dadi asks Bua to call his dad and leaves the room.
Vicky is shocked to hear that Chintoo has come here alone. They go to police station and files for child’s missing report.
Sharon understands the medicines details from the nurse. Bua stops her, and says she has understood their friendship. After college, there remains no friendship. And her father used to say, that in their family marriages happen with the interests of the family. Sharon thinks she must not tell her about the engagement. She comes to the room, the kids asks Sharon if they are girl-friend and boy friend. Sharon says she wants to talk to him. Swayam indulges the kids in cartoons. Sharon says he must tell his family about the engagement. Swayam says he wants to tell them, but he fears it must not get even worse. He asks her to be patient. Sharon says his bua said, he will marry the girl they will choose for him. Swayam says she knows her family is a bit conservative, let him share it in her way.

PRECAP: Swayam asks Rey if he knows about Chintoo, he must tell him. Chintoo is caught stealing by an inspector. Dadi tells Swayam that she will take him and marry him. She asks Sharon to marry some sensible man as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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