Dil Dosti Dance 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 6th May 2013 Written Update

Swayam has his breakfast and informs Taani and leaves to pick up his bicycle.He turns around and sees his father coming.He asks how was the event.He says its good.He asks where is Taani and she comes there.He asks her about her first assignment when She replies saying her brother and team did well.Tauji makes up a face and sees Swayam.She says in short it was good.Tauji says he wants to gift her something for her achievement and takes her out and gifts her a car.She gets excited on seeing the car and is very happy.Rishi says that this is only for her and she is very happy.Swayam gets the taunt behind it.Taani sits in the car and sees and finds it very spacious.Swayam moves when Taani says we will go together in our car.Swayam says its not his and only hers.So even if he wishes he cant use it.Taani

tries calling him but Rishi asks her to leave.Taani thinks that untill her brother accepts it heartily she wont use it.

The gang is in rehearsal hall.Rey is lost in his own world.He feels in what way has he gone.He sees a picture on his phone and feels they look like married couple.He thinks in what tangent is he thinking.Swayam is also a bit engrossed in his own thoughts too.Sharon notices the disturbed Swayam and Rey and feels strange.The boys were busy having fun too.She calls them and bring back their attention.they all come and stand.Sharon says its good that our performance went well.Its Nice that the results will be announced in a day or two.Its superb great that we are confident but we need to concentrate on their routines too.So shall we.They all stand.Rey stands behind when Sharon reminds him that his position is front.She also adds that she will be between Swayam and Rey at the center.

They start and Rey missed few steps and makes few mistakes too.Sharon notices too.At the end formation when Rey has to hold Swayam he does that differently.The guys make fun of him and he moves outBarath sees this.Taani enters the hall and gang is all silent.Barath says attention and the whole team laughs.Swayam says they need not do this.its over.Taani stands on the dice kind of stool and reminds the team of how they had hit her will eggs and tomatoes.She says they can do what ever they want.She asks for their apology.She agrees that she became selfish for her love and took the college for granted.

The gang says they are not as bad as she thinks.Swayam welcomes her back as a friend.The gang then welcomes her back as the GS and a normal human who does not only think about her love.The gang informs her that Dance is their passion and they will never think it will lesser importance be it their professional team or the college event.The girls hug her.

Rey is in the basket ball court when he misses the balls.Sharon comes and taps him and ask him what has happened.He was about to drop her home.She has waited Dancing.Hearing music and even randomly walking around but then though his friend might have forgotten.Rey stammers a bit and she you did forget.Rey asks her sorry.She moves him to corner and asks him to sit and ask Taani has asked the team sorry.He came back at the last minute and everything is getting back to normal so why is he worried.He tells it was the first time he got a choice and Taani has put up him in such a situation that he has to choose between his hand and legs.

Precap:Sharon tells Rey that he has to make Taani choose either in the right way or choose for a break up.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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