Dil Dosti Dance 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 6th March 2014 Written Update

Rey, Kria, Swayam and Sharon reminisce about the old days and how they met. They are shown thinking of their momnets as Simmi narrated their story in lines. Ruhi asks for permission to say something and Rey says she can. Ruhi suggests them to do a musical on their friendship because it has romance, love and everything. The gang reacts after a while and says its a brilliant idea and Swayam says they can do it. Sharon notices Swayam and Ruhi talking and is a bit uncomfortable with it. While they were leaving, Rey says he will stay back with Swayam. Ruhi says Rey would be tired and she will stay. Sharon says both are tired and she will stay. Ruhi tries to refute it but Sharon insists firmly that she will be the one to do it. Rey says Vicky to drop Ruhi and he offers Kria a ride. Kria rejects

it and says she can manage. She will find an auto. As she keeps walking, she comes across 3 goons who were drunk. She gets scared when the goons throw a bottle on the ground and it cracks into pieces. Later she tries moving while ignoring them but they do the same thing again breaking the bottle just in front of her. She calls them Idiots for their behaviour and they block her path. She tries moving but is surrounded by them. Swayam is sleeping on the bed and Sharon on the chair. Swayam notices Sharon and gets up and wraps a blanket around her and lies down again. He takes a glass which causes noise. The glass was empty. Sharon wakes up as a result. They decide to watch a movie since they were not getting sleep. Kria goes to Rey. They say nonsense stuff which results in Rey getting angry and he fights with them.

At one instant, a goon breaks a bottle on his chest. Kria is shocked. After he manages to chase them away, he asks her to get on the bike. Kria shouts at him and he asks why was she shouting at him when it was their fault and Kria says, “Aapko kuch ho jaata toh”. Both have a moment. After a while , kria gets on the bike. Cops were conducting traffic checks and Rey tries to evade them and escape the check but one cop sees them and approaches them. He says Rey was drunk and he is lacking a helmet. Where was he trying to run away and other stuff. Rey gets angry at the cop’s rude behaviour and pushes him away because he gets irritated with the way cop was pushing him. Kria is shocked and says, “Rey, what are you doing?”. Cop gets angry and they are taken to the police station. Kria asks Rey to behave since they are cops. The blame game by the cop continues.

Precap – Another cop says Kria has to go to America for her visa has expired. The gang is in Police station.

Update Credit to: Mystique.Kishi

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