Dil Dosti Dance 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The builder comes to Rey, he says this is about land and there is no use of fighting. Rey asks why he hurt his friend then. The builder says it is about 2 crores, who will pay them. Rey says he will pay, the builder was quiet. Nil tries to shut Rey up, Rey bids for more 2.5 crores. The builder asks for the time, he will pay. Rey asks for two months. The builder says he is giving him one month time. They go on the bike. The builder gives his car to him, to get his friend to hospital; his man will take the car from him.
Sharon cries, while everyone is worried why Rey and Nil haven’t come here. Simmi says they must pack the bags. They all leave, while Sharon stays with Swayam. She looks at her ring, as she packs her things. She says to Swayam, that she feels all the memories of their dance

and love will remain here, but now a memory of pain is also linked to it, maybe they had left this village before. She looks at the map he had sent her on the day of proposal. She comes and hugs him.
Everyone packed their bags with heavy hearts, and with great memories. Rey and Nile come there. Sharon shouts where is the doctor. Rey says they couldn’t find the doctor, they have to take Swayam to the city right now.
Nile asks Simmi what is it. She says a girl liked their dance so much, she gifted her. Nil says that somehow the villagers had accepted them. Simmi says hadn’t they stopped her, she would have missed the biggest experience of her life.

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In the car, Nil tells everyone that Rey promised to get the man 2.5 crores in one month. Rey says he won’t back up. Simmi says he didn’t ask her, even. Nil complains that he didn’t ask him even. Rey shouts that he will do it alone, and he had told them to leave. Sharon shouts at them to stop it, she doesn’t want any dream but Swayam’s life. Swayam wakes up. Rey stops the car, Swayam whispers that Rey is right. Simmi gives him water, he gets faint. They all ask him to open his eyes. Rey starts the car again.
In the hospital, they took Swayam on the stretcher. The staff takes him inside. Rey prays for Swayam to be saved. Sharon asks Swayam to come back soon. They both look into each other’s eyes. The doctor comes and tells them he is out of danger. The doctor says he needs rest, is still unconscious. Rey thanks God, or he couldn’t have looked at anyone. They all come to Rey, who was crying. Nil asks will he cry alone, and apologizes Rey for fighting. Rey says he is sorry, he must not have made the promise with the builder. They all hug. Sharon assures Rey that they are all with him, they all hug.
Dida complains to Raghv that he is lost somewhere, and asks what has happened. Raghv thinks about him and Ishika. Dida stops Ishika, Raghv heads to go inside. Dida stops him and asks what has happened to them both, did they have a fight that they don’t talk to each other. They look at each other, remembering about their memories. Raghv leaves.
Sharon tells Swayam that she won’t leave until he is alright. Simmi comes saying, she has told before marriage that who is the boss. Swayam says he is going to give her a full confronting. They ask Swayam how is he. He says Sharon made him recover soon. Swayam asks Rey what happened to him. Swayam tells him not to say it was his mistake. Rey says he wonders he shouldn’t have taken them there. Swayam says he must also consider, they would never have seen the village, Simmi and Nil wouldn’t have got engaged, He and Sharon wouldn’t have got engaged. Nil asks where they will get those 2.5 crores. Rey says he has an idea, but it is really difficult.

PRECAP: Swayam family’s children tease Sharon for wearing small clothes. Swayam says it doesn’t matter, but Sharon says it matters as she isn’t only a friend but his girlfriend. Rey tells everyone in the corridor, that they will do the biggest musical of the country with the biggest sponsors.

Update Credit to: Sona

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