Dil Dosti Dance 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 5th March 2014 Written Update

Sharon coms to the hospital and asks for Swayam from the receptionist. Ruhi comes there and makes an excuse that she can’t meet Swayam coz he’s sleeping and it won’t be at all good to disturb him. She tries to take Sharon to a coffee with her. Kria comes meanwhile and greets Sharon. Ruhi gets scared and asks Kria whether Swayam is awake now?Kria gets confused and says he was awake only. They just met him now. Kria asks Sharn to go and meet Swayam and Sharon goes. Ruhi gets afraid and hopes Sharon didnt detect that she was lying.

Sharon comes to Swayam’s Room. A il smile comes on Swayam’s face. Sharon asks Swayam about his health. Meanwhile, Rey comes along with a nurse. Miss happy shappy nurse says that she’s making Swayam’s discharge papers. She prescribes some medicines.


takes the initiatie to pack Swayam’s things while Rey winds up the other things. Meanwhile Ruhi comes. As she sees Sharon packing Swayam’s things, she makes a mental note never to let SS be together.

Meanwhile in Swayam’s house, the team is busy decorating Swayam’s home. Its mostly decorated with blue balloons. Nil and Vicky bring a ook as a gift for Swayam.

Swayam comes home. He’s very happy to see the decorations that have been done for him . The team gets excited to see him. Rey shoos everyone away and says that Swayam needs to rest. Sharon offers to make juice for Swayam but Swayam says that there is no need. Kaka willl do the honours. Sharon gets sad. Kria and Rey notice this. 😀

Swayam and Rey are sitting in Swayam’s bedroom now. Rey sweetly remarks to Swayam that he has started giving a lot of attitude. Swayam gets confused and asks when did he do so? Rey directly comes to the point. He says that to him that he shows too much attitude to Sharon. Its now getting rude and he should stop being that rude to her. He then makes him understand that he should accept that he loves her and sheis an important part of his life. Else he wont have risked his own life just to save her. Ruhi meanwhile hears everything and burns with jealousy.

Kria and Sharon are in the kitchen. Kria maarofies some really awesome lines and then simply asks Sharon to never give up. Then she asks Sharon why is she feeling so down? Sharon starts blaming herself for Swayam’s condition. Kria makes Sharon understand that she is not at all at fault. Infact, if Sharon suppresses her feelings, that wont at all help. She further says that Sharon and Swayam look good and perfect together. Sharon smiles on hearing this and finally understands!! She says that Kria is right. Swayam is incomplete without Sharon.
Ruhi again hears everything. Again, she makes a mental note not to let SS be together.
She by mistakedly drops the vase. Sharon and Kria hear the sound and come outseide. Ruhi makes an xcuse that she had been searching for salt. KriSha ask why salt? She says that her grandmom says if nazar is utaarofied by salt, it helps a lot. Kria says that its all superstition and they are living in a modern world so they should get over it. Sharon says if still Ruhi wants to do so, she can. She directs Ruhi to where the salt is kept.

Kria then suddenly asks Sharon to go give Swayam his medicines that Sharon had kept in his bag. Sharon gets confused. Kria just pushes her and she goes. Ruhi says she ll accompany Sharon. Kria stops Ruhi and says she should also bring water along with salt. That way everyone’s nazar will be utaarofied.

Sharon enters Swayam’s room and starts searching for the medicines. Swayam admires her and Rey notices. Rey asks Sharon did Kria send you here? Sharon says yes. Rey then makes an excuse and leaves the room.

Sharon keeps on searching for the medicines. She then asks Swayam whether he knows where they are? Swayam shows her that they are right beside him. Sharon asks Swayam why didn’t he tell her earlier? Swayam doesn’t have an answer. Hence he makes an excuse that let him eat his medicines first.

On the other hand, the team is fighting on what to order for dinner. Some say piza others say chinese. Rey and Kria enter. The fight continues. Rey privately says thank you to Kria for sending Sharon to Swayam’s room. Kria says they are her friends as well. Rey says he keeps on forgetting that there is one more person besides him to take care of those innocent and stupid people. Meanwhile, team notices this and they make a poem on KR. Rey says hut up and KR leave.

In Swayam’s bedroom, he’s trying to keep water on the side table. Sharon goes to help him. their hands collide. They get lost in each other’s eyes. Sharon then takes away her hand, then puts it again on the glass and finally keeps the glass on the side table. Swayam says thank you.

Sharon then apologizes to Swayam for the past events that happened. Swayam also does the same. Sharon says he shouldnt apologize. It was all her fault. Swayam starts coughing. Sharon makes him drink water. They come close. Ruhi comes and gets jealous. She coughs to interrupt them.

She nazar utaarofies Swayam. Swayam asks she was nazar utaaroing? She says yes. He thanks both the girls. Says he feels so covered. Ruhi says she was nazar utaaroying so that kisi ki buri nazar na lage and taunts Sharon. She continues and says that Swayam is a very nice person therefore she prayed to god that god bless him and everything good happens in his life since he deserves that. He does good with everyone even though others arent good to him. Taunts Sharon. Swayam says thank you. Sharon gets angry.

Precap — The team tells Ruhi how Sharon and Rey, the diva and the handsome hunk were the only best friends earlier.ThenSwayam and Kria came. then Weaklings and Dazzlings were formed. They used to fight so much. Ruhi says that why don’t they keep their journey as the theme of their musical? It has dance, passion, dil , dosti everything. Everyone agrees. Swayam praises Ruhi. Ruhi gets very happy. Sharon gets jealous.

Update Credit to: Crazygirl

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