Dil Dosti Dance 5th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 5th July 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 5th July 2013 Written Update

The team comes backstage and waits for Rey.Rey comes and they have a group hug a then start their act on the song goli maro bheeje mai and the performance ends up.The compere comes and ask where they even underdogs. Rishi calls Taani but both Rey and Taani see each other.Rishi ask her if there is something Taani says no there is nothing.Taani says she has work and moves away. Sharon comes and asks Rishi was it a national level performance.Rishi says Thank you for scolding,Being rude if you were not hear I could have not seen the national performance of my children.He keeps his hand on her head and wishes her luck.Sharon pulls Swayam and kisses him and say today is the best day of my life.She says happily Your dad approved me its the best day of my life. Sharon moves from there happily and

Swayam is shocked.He keeps his hand on his cheek and says wish dad does this daily.Today is the best day of my life and he jumps in happiness too. While Rishi and Rey are speaking there is an unknown face that says that he is Rey Singhania the son of Mr.Singhania.

Rey moves in search of Taani and goes to the green room.He searches but does not find her and sees a letter.He opens the letter and reads which stated that Taani loves him but the truth is that they both cant be together.Taani is watching this from a end.The team is eagerly waiting for the announcement to be made when Neha says there is a giant wheel moving.Barath asks her to tell the good.The team is tensed and Swaron( Swayam and Sharon) hold each others hand.Rey moves to a different room and cries.He remembers the time spent with her and some words that have been between them. The girls come back after changing and ask Swayam is something told.Swayam says nothing has been said.They ask for Rey and he is missing. All turn to see Taani and she gestures she has no clue.Sharon says something is wrong in Swayam’s ears and Swaya sees her.Barath says may be his stomach is not good as seeing him run looked so thats why he is missing since morning. The compere asks the teams to come to the wing and then back to stage. They say Rey is not hear but since they don’t have a choice they move on stage. They move to the stage.The compere says that the event is such that there is no one first or second there is a tie between two teams,

Precap: The tie is between Mt.Carmella and ST.Louis and a face off.Rey still missing

Update Credit to: asmaju

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