Dil Dosti Dance 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 5th February 2014 Written Update

Sharon tells Alok that she is tired because of walking and asks for some water.Alok goes inside to get water for Sharon.Sharon starts searching for the camera in the drawer and other places in the room.She finally manages to find the camera under the bed and picks it up.Alok comes inside the room and locks the door.Sharon gets scared at his sudden arrival.Alok tries to come close to Sharon.She tries to save herself by pushing him but he starts misbehaving with her.

Rey is getting ready for his wedding .Village ladies ask him to put mehendi as their custom.He starts acting as unwell and gang helps him to convince the villagers that he needs rest.Village ladies celebrating mehendi ceremony for Kriya.They ask Kriya her would be husband’s name and Kriya tells them the name shyly.Simi

and Rini signals Kriya and she starts acting and says she is having stomach pain.Gang takes both Rey and Kriya inside and away from villagers.Kriya waits for Rey’s call.

Alok misbehaves with Sharon.She tries to protect herself by pushing him.He says ,he knows she came there to take camera.Kriya is waiting for Rey’s call and Simi -Rini are also planning to sneak out.Vicky calls Rey and informs Sharon-Swayam didnt call till now.Rey tells him,they cant leave with out them.Simi informs Kriya that Sharon Swayam are not yet back,so mission aborted.

Rey looks at his mirror image and thinks how to run away from this wedding.He came to this village for foreign affiliation and now getting married.

Alok gets violent with Sharon and tries to harm her.Sharon tries to defend herself but fails.Swayam enters the room .

Kriya and Rey come to mandap and share an eyelock.Gang look at them and all are worried about when Swayam-Sharon will come back.Rey-Kriya take their places on the mandap.

Swayam throws something on Alok and hurts his head.Alok gets angry .Swayam says he can never get Sharon.Swayam says he has recorded Alok misbehaving with Sharon and he will go to police.Sharon tells him to give their camera or else they will expose him in front of Village head.Alok gives them camera and his mobile phone.

Kriya and Rey get worried with each passing minute.Villagers start conducting wedding rituals one by one.

Swayam Sharon lock Alok in his house .Sharon tells Swayam they are late and they need to stop Kriya-Rey wedding.Swayam asks her if she is ok.She says she is fine.

Kriya is thinking if she really wants to stop the wedding.Rey think he needs to do something to stop the wedding.

Precap- Rey-Kriya escape and Villagers follow them.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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