Dil Dosti Dance 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 5th February 2013 Written Update

Sharon runs out of the rehearsal hall .Swayam thinks that he crossed hiss limits.Taani comes into the hall and asks Swayam to call everyone as AVP is calling them.All are present in AVP’s room.Sharon is going to enter when AVP says that she is not needed as she is not a part of Dance team.Swayam says that she is the captain.Rey adds saying that without her they could not have been a team.AVp mocks him asking are they a team.Taani says that she did call Nicob but he has not come.AVP says he is not here cause he has quited from the team.Swayam says that will not affect much and it wont change their routines too.
AVP remembers India fest and says she has called them for that.They are not taking part in India fest.they tell that they need 6 and above for the fest and here there

are 7,hence qualified.AVP says that she is the authority and no one can question her.She says they had a team challenge.Rey asks why is it always about challenge to which Avp shouts saying its none of your concern Mr.Reyaansh Singhania.Swayam says when one does not want to be a part of the team then they can’t be forced.

AVp says is this how they handle real life situations too.Rey says they want to speak with VP regarding this to which AVP says that they cant as Vp is out of town.The team tries to make her understand but she shuts them saying the meeting is over.All move out.Swayam tries to make her understand again and she does not even see him.Rey comes there and calls him back saying leave it,it will not affect her.

The guys are in their class thinking its unfair on their friends.Taani comes in and gives the file to Amar and says its good and she will try to add it in the seminar.She also says others to not worry as they have time to do brainstroming for each ones part as they are not going to India fest.Rinni asks if they cant help them.The professor enters to start the class.The class goes on Simmi turns and sniles at Vicky as if some plan clicked and it passes on to whole team.

Neha is at her home thinking about the flim ABCD. next day Rey is at rehersal hall speaking with the louians about their passion for dance.Each says that Dance is their passion and it cant be choosen as the carrier. A clapping sound is herd from outside and Remo sir enters.He tells about the changes that happened as he is not only a choreographer but not also a dancer and this is cause of his passion for Dance.They come to know that the film is based on the situation which each is facing. He has picked Dancers and now they are actors.We see ABCD team dancing.Each louian showing their forte and a group dance too.Neha gets up and sees this as her dream.

At the rehearsal hall Sharon tries to cheer the,m.Rey seems to give up,she then tells if not as Louians let them go as Individuals.Swayam asks her what is she saying.She asks him to keep quite and he says Sorry to her.Sharon asks Om he is the son of trustee to which he says nephew.So she tells there are 3 people who are from trustee and they will go as Individuals if not as Louians.

Precap:At Goa fest .They feel everything is like last year.Taani asks rey where is he and assumes whole team has bunked. they need 6 member team but only 5.Sharon says 4 as she will not dance.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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