Dil Dosti Dance 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 4th October 2013 Written Update

The team is all happy and dancing around.Shivam moves out from there. Sharon tells the team she will be back guys and moves away.She goes to the corridor and stops Shivam calling his name. Shivam congrats Sharon for the win.Sharon asks does it feel good that each time he comes and challenges and they win.Why do you even come back here.Shivam says on a serious note he missed all of them.Sharon says they do not miss cheap people like him especially after what you did to Taani. Shivam says he genuinely started liking her towards the end.Swayam comes and says then please do not bring someone who is not here.Do not bring my sister between your conversation. Shivam says it was a good show they all had their dances in sync. He bids them bye and moves saying will meet them later.


tells Sharon our performance was out of the world.It was just perfect.Sharon Thanks him.Swayam is about to move when Sharon tells thanks.Like always even you were simply the best.you great me great support during the dance.I’m really happy that dance is back in our life as in teams life.Both of them remember their promise that made to keep dancing.The both says OK they will see around and move.Sharon in girls locker room thinks that as dance has come back in their life does that mean even Swayam and her will be together.
Rey is in boys locker room when few bos come in and congratulate him for the wonderful event.Rey thanks them for joining and hopes they enjoyed and were comfortable. Shivam comes in and rest boys leave Shivam comes in asking does he feel he is great.the convo continues and Rey says thats what he wanted to hear.They both laugh .Rey says on a serious note if you had not accepted my invite on last minute this would not have happened.You do the acting of Kamine very well.Shivam says he knows acting very well but says their sync was fab.They lost because they didnt have time to prepare.Rey says as if we were dancing for days..Shivam says Mr.Reyaansh Singhania what plan was that.Swayam hears this and asks was all this plan.The team there is happy they think they genuinely won but it was plan.Re says he has misunderstood.Swayam asks what has he misunderstood.Shivam calls him and say I know you dont like me but please listen to me once. Rey had just called me here thinking if they see my team dancing team will.Faceoff was my idea just like last time and since you were silent I just triggered it up.This was not planned.You guys have won really.Swayam asks Rey he promised.Rey says all this happened before he had promised.Shivam says you know you guys are dance champions in real sense.Rey says plan was just that Shivam will come here and show his acts.Swaam tho kya Rey you just asked the help of Shivam I know how much you are uncomfortable around him.Hats off yaar.

Shivam says he is not as bad as they think.Swayam says a villain turning into a hero he has seen today.Rey says you gave all of us a new life a new hope this feeling is unexpressable. Swayam thanks Shivam.Swayam and Rey hug each other saying they are back.Sivam asks can I and all three hug each other.Ganpati visarjan starts and they all are set.Shivam comes and takes blessing.Rey says its visarjan today no enmity today but only friendship. On way Rey thanks Lord Ganesha for fulfilling all his promises and completing his dreams.Its his magic that dance and dostii are back together.They keep dancing. Swayam and Sharon see each other.Rey prays again while going please bring romance back in life of Swayam and Sharon.

Precap:Sharon in looker room thinks she loves Swayam even now it never left.She decides to become his secrete admirer now.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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