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Sharon wakes up, as Swayam sprinkles flower on her. He bids her Happy Diwali. He says where is it written that he can’t bid his wife to be with flowers. She says it sounded good to hear wife to be, as she was bored with girl friend now.
They all discussed about the preparations, and asked for girls. Someone says they are getting ready. Huma was struggling with the knots of her blouse. Karma enters the room. She asks couldn’t he knock the room. He asks couldn’t she lock. She asks him to send Huma or Simmi. Karma says everyone has gone to the head’s house, she may tell him. She was reluctant, then says she had to get the blouse’s knot tied. He asks if he can help. She reluctantly turns around. Vicky and Nil come to call Karma then. Karma asks how they came so early. Karma leaves

the room. Nil and Vicky get him, and says he will only win the bet if she says I love you. Karma leaves.
They all do the Diwali Pooja, and lights the crackers. The dance performance begin. The head of the village comes to the stage, he says he has decided that the village will get it’s real identity back, and they will start the theatre again. They all cheer. Rey thanks the head. The head says that there is one more difficulty, they have sold the theatre’s property and the builder isn’t ready to clear the land. Swayam suggests that they can file a case against them.

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Chintoo comes to announce they are destroying their things. They all run. The goons were throwing their belongings out. Swayam, Nil and others fought with the men. Alok beats Swayam with stick, he falls down hurt on head. Sharon calls Swayam. All the boys look at him and rush to pick him. He was conscious less. Alok says he will kill them all one by one and leaves with his men. The D3 bring Swayam inside. Rey calls Chintoo, and asks for a doctor. Chintoo says it is in the other village, he can take his father’s motorcycle.
Alok says to Lakhan that Sharon was much afraid today. Lakhan tells him that he will get a thousand Sharon’s like this. They throw the bottle in Rey’s way of motorbike, and stops him. Rey fights with the drunk men. Alok deters him to leave the village till tomorrow. A car stops by them.

PRECAP: They all waited for Swayam. The builder asks Rey who will fill for the loss, Rey asks what if he gives him 2 Crores.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Awesome episode!!!!
    🙂 😉
    But wanted some raghav and ishika scences

  2. Love karma and huma.. but missin kriya

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