Dil Dosti Dance 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 4th March 2014 Written Update

Ruhi takes care of Swayam whole night. Rey comes in the room in middle of night, but leaves when he sees Ruhi taking good care of Swayam. He gets thoughtful for a second. Sharon continues worrying about Swayam.

In morning, Sharon comes to the hospital with flowers, but get shocked seeing Ruhi with Swayam. She asks the doctor about Rey. The doctor tells her that Rey went to billing. He praises Ruhi for taking even better care of Swayam than their nurse. Sharon feels this might be the signal for her to stay away from Swayam. She stops a ward boy and asks him to give flowers to Swayam. Sharon leaves.

The ward boy gives it to Ruhi and she cannot believe that Sharon didn’t come personally. She reads Sharon’s note and decides to keep Swayam away from Sharon. She throws

the flowers in dustbin. Sharon’s note falls outside.

Swayam regains consciousness and keeps taking Sharon’s name. Ruhi gets angry. He gets surprised seeing Ruhi there. Ruhi says bad about Sharon and Swayam is surprised to know that both Rey and Sharon are not with him. Ruhi helps him to get up to get fresh. Swayam steps on Sharon’s note, but before he reads it, Ruhi snatches it away and asks him why he’s picking up garbage. Swayam sees the flowers in dustbin and asks Ruhi about it. Ruhi says it must be for patient who was in the room before him. Rey enters and is very happy to see Swayam conscious. He tells Ruhi to get some rest, but Ruhi asks him to go first and she will stay with Swayam till then.

Kriya is trying to meet Swayam, but she’s stopped by the receptionist as two guests are already in the room. Rey comes there and tells the receptionist to let her go as he’s going to get fresh.

Ruhi is giving breakfast to Swayam and he takes Sharon’s name and asks her not to force. He realizes it and then takes the juice. A ward boy comes to the door with another flowers from Sharon. Ruhi sends him back saying the patient has an allergy from it. Swayam asks Ruhi who was it. Ruhi lies that someone came to wrong room. There’s knock on the door again. Ruhi gets worried thinking it may be ward boy again. Swayam asks her to open the door. It’s Kriya this time. She gets shocked seeing Ruhi there. She rushes to Swayam and doesn’t stop questioning. Swayam says he’s fine. Kriya then asks about Sharon. Ruhi says she never came. Kriya says she was here last night and wonders where she’s gone. She watches Ruhi doubtfully. The doctor enters for Swayam’s checkup. Kriya asks him from when he can start dancing. The doctor praises Ruhi and says in such cases, it takes a lot of time, but thanks to Ruhi, he will get discharge today. Kriya receives a call from Sharon and she leaves the room to talk to her, but before that phone gets disconnected.

Sharon prays for Swayam’s safety and good health. She says she won’t ask to get her back into his life or doesn’t allow any other girl to enter his life. She just wants to see him happy. She receives a call from Kriya who informs her about the doctor discharging him today. Sharon says how is it even possible. Doctors are crazy. She decides to go to the hospital.

Kriya meets Rey and they discuss about Swayam and Sharon. Rey says she should have been with Swayam like how he was with Kriya when she got injured. Kriya tells him being together and giving a support are two different things. Rey is shocked at her attitude.

Precap Dil Dostii Dance Rey asks Swayam that Sharon is very important for his life, does he was love her. Ruhi overhears for their conversations.

Update Credit to: D3 Fan

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