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Raghav stares at Ishika and says that how much time she has taken to arrive he has been waiting for her for a long time and now they are late for the party. Ishika scolds him and says that she does not want to go to the fresher’s party with him. Huma arrives and starts taking photos of them and then asks Raghav that isn’t she his date. Raghav says he was just giving her company and wonder that is making their date wait. Meanwhile Karma arrives and asks Ishika if anyone is disturbing her. At the scene karma and Huma start fighting however Raghav cools them down.
Swayam walks in the hall calling for Nil on his phone. He asks one of the workers if they have seen Nil and tells him to get the music work ready. He gets rid of another person who was blowing balloons in the middle of the hall. He

gets a call from Sharon who says that her mom is on her way, which alerts Swayam to get ready. Sharon asks him to say I love you but he says not now and rushes away. Sharon hears another voice saying I love you, when are turns back and says what he says he meant that I love your arrangements for the party as he believes that there could not have been a better fresher’s party. Sharon says that the auditions are over so just the stop act. After a few words of exchange Sharon leaves and tells Raghav to go in the audience as well.
Swayam goes out to the front and tells everyone to get into position and waits for the Chief Guest with a bouquet in his hand. As the Chief Guest arrive he starts nervous and what annoys him more is that one two of his workers are taking photos just near the entrance. When the all the guests are settled they want to start the function but hesitate because Roy hasn’t arrived yet but they eventually do because they have no choice. Swayam makes a speech and tells everyone about the journey they are travelling and of all the fun they are going to have in it.
In the backstage everyone tries to call Ray but they receive no answer therefore they decide to start the dance without him as they cannot do anything else. The dance goes well and as they are about to begin Ray arrives as well.
After the dance Sharon and Swayam introduce a game of blindfold. Raghav says he is curious to find out who is going to be his partner. Huma shares another view and considers this a stupid idea she believes it is of Sharon and decides to leaves. Karma asks if Ishika is getting nervous but she says she is okay.
Ishika goes and calls Vishnu and tells him that there is going to be a blindfold and that she is very scared. She asks him to come over and take her. Vishnu says he is very busy in a meeting and it will at least take 20 minutes and another hour will take him to reach her college. Ishika says that she is going to leave in a taxi. Vishnu stops her and tells her that it is her college party she has nothing to worry about but when she insists he agrees to come as soon as possible. A worker comes from behind and gives her the blindfold. A girl sees she is not wearing the fold so she help her and puts it on her herself.
Swayam and Sharon ask for the lights to be turned off and everyone starts walking. In this mess Karma and Raghav bump into one another and Karma on realizing pushes Raghav away. This going on Raghav starts to cheat and take a look she finds Ishika who is standing in one place all scared and confused. Where Raghav finds Ishika then on the other hand Karma finds Huma.

Sharon is very annoyed at Swayam who is trying to cool her down. Raghav is making fun of Huma for finding Karma in the blinfold.Sharon’s mother confronts Swayam about her daughter.

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