Dil Dosti Dance 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 4th July 2013 Written Update

Swayam and his dad hug each other.the compere says this is the best part of NDC.All leave them and move to get dressed. Sharon asks Taani will she help her in getting Dressed.Rey asks sorry to Rishi for his acts.Rishi says he has understood cause of him that Dance is art and its one talent that all do not have.You changed my mind about dance guess that is how I understood my son.I saw the talent and artist so what ever you did you are forgiven.Rey thanks him and moves. Swayam is happy and at lose of words Rishi says you need not say anything.Its time for me to tell sorry.I have embarrassed you a lot but today all I want to tell is I’m proud of you I’m proud of you my son.I always wanted good for you but hurt you a lot.I’m sorry and both hug each there again.Now no more its enough you

have performance in sometime so get ready.Swayam says one more thing dad whatever be the NDC result I have won..Rishi says I’m still the perfectionist.You have to win the trophy Swayam asks if else and he says next time.

Mt.Carmella performs.Rey is sitting alone when Sharon comes. Sharon says all si well between Swayam and his dad.Rey says that its not him as if so Taani would have not gone away.He says he will make the team lead to failure. Sharon asks him not to think about failure now.We will win.There is a reason why we got second chance in it.Rey says he is not confident.Rey says if I close my eyes I see Taani even if I open thats the same.Rey says I’m not in a position to perform and moves.Sharon says to herself Oh god now how will Rey dance in this mental state.Taani selftalkes its because of her and she needs to sort it out. Sharobn comes to Swayam and says Rey is totally outfocussed and the situation is tensed up…

Swayam calls him but Rey is alone in the green room, does not pick up the call.Taani is about to open the door when her phone rings.Swayam asks if Taani can speak and get sometime for their performance.Taani says that they need not change their routine and she will bring Rey back.She asks Swayam to trust her and opens the door and sees him broken.She says so you are hear and all are searching for you all over.Rey says you go i’ll join.Taani says I wont go without you.Do you remember what you said sometime ago.Rey says he remembers everything but its her who wants to forget it all.Taani says she came to say that she is hear for him and loves him.Are you saying the truth.Taani says Yes.Rey then why did you do all this.Taani says I wanted to test you and your love.Rey says I love you and hugs her.Taani does not hug him back.The team is moving and Swayam calls Rey .Rey picks up Swayam says you need to be hear.Rey says he will be hear The announcement is made regarding St.Louis performance.Swayam asks is Rey Ok.Rey says he has never been good before.Rey then says to Taani that after the end of competation they will go for treat and Taani and Rey are back as Taarey and move from there.Taani says even if we meet it wont be Taarey but as Taani and Rey she continues with I love you Rey I truely do but the truth is that Taani and Rey cant be together.

Precap: The team performs In NDC.Rey comes and searches for Taani but finds a letter at end

Update Credit to: asmaju

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