Dil Dosti Dance 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 4th February 2014 Written Update

The village sarpanch says they will only let the D3 team go if Rey and Kriya get married in the village. All D3 team members object that. Villagers say from this, others will also learn and won’t repeat same mistake. Rey says they will get married without even asking Kriya. Villagers tell them not to cheat, else they won’t spare them. Rey asks villagers to leave them alone now as they have to start planning for the wedding. Villagers leave.

Everyone is mad at Rey. Rey says they didn’t have any choice. He just said yes to get some time. He apologizes to Kriya for not getting her consent. Kriya says it’s okay. They plan to run out of village before wedding takes place. They are concerned about their camera which Alok has and it will be Swayam who will try to get camera

back from Alok. Couple of villagers come and the D3 team gets worried seeing their serious faces. The villagers congratulate them and says there is a different room for the girls. Sharon stays, other girls go with them. Wedding time is 6′o clock and the D3 team decided to meet at 4 and then take a bus.

Swayam is going to Alok, but Sharon stops him and says everything happened because of her, so it will be her who will get camera back. Swayam warns her, but she still decides to do it by herself. Sharon talks sweetly with Alok and traps him. She says she fought with everyone as they blamed her for Rey-Kriya’s wedding. She asks him if he will take her to his house. Alok happily agrees.

Meanwhile, the villagers are applying haldi on Rey and Kriya separately. The boys talk with the bus driver and make him agree. Other side, Simmi tries to find a way to get out of their room. She finds an exit from a bathroom’s window. The girls go and quietly tell that to Kriya. Kriya says what? Simmi says there is no other way. Kriya agrees.

Sharon enters Alok’s house and tries to look for camera. Alok asks her if she’s searching for anything. Sharon says she got tired walking and asks him if he can get water for her. Alok goes to get water and Sharon starts checking drawers and other places. She finally finds the camera under the bed. Before she picks it up, Alok comes out from the kitchen and locks the house. Sharon is shocked and scared.

Precap: Rey and Kriya are all set to get married in mandap. The D3 team is waiting for Sharon. Alok tries to molest Sharon in his locked house.

Update Credit to: D3 Fan

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