Dil Dosti Dance 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 4th February 2013 Written Update

The team is in the rehearsal hall performing warm up.Nicob is drinking water.Priyesh gets up and asks him why is he drinking water?He says he knows beboying.Nicob addresses Priyesh as a flock dancer.Sharon tells now he has learnt free style dancing too.Nicob says he knows dancing to which Priyesh replies saying that by standing once cant dance.One has to move to dance.Nicob gets angry seeing everyone dance and moves out of the rehearsal hall.

The team discusses what more they need to prepare for India Fest.They think they are well prepared when Rey gets up and says No.He stands up and says that they are not ready for Partner dancing.This can be asked in Im-prompto style.They decide on who will teach.Rey tells its Swayam and Sharon.He also adds that everyone has seen them during

Parsadoble rehearsals,RDX sirs marriage and the blind leap during last years India fest.Sharon remembers all these moments.

Sharon asks Aashi and Swayam to perform.Aashi is uncomfortable and they do not have proper stance. Reytells this to Sharon and Sharon points it to them.Simillary footwork is also noted.When the girl said it does not look good Aashi moves out.The boys try to say that Sharon has too much attitude to which Swayam says its right as she is Sharon Rai prakash.He adds saying if is not good then she can teach him.Rey gets it from wink that Swayam has planned for something and he says that let others get a break and Swayam and Sharon can rehearse.Sharon disagrees to it when the girl points out saying if she is not sportive then how can she ask others to co-operate.The rest of the gang moves out. Once out the new guys ask is Sharon always like this-Nakchadi.Aashi turns and replies its her cause of whom they are a team and one now.Vicky,Amar and Barath are in stairs missing their fun Nicob comes from behind and say that his friends do not miss them.Vicky tells that they are their friend and they know well about each other so he need not be so negative and try new things.they also tell him their say of Life is fun and full of mastii dil se karte hai hum sab se dostii,Dil dosti dance. Swayam and Sharon are at rehearsal hall.Swayam, gives his hand to Sharon and asks her for dance.

Sharon-U think u are smart
Swayam- Absolutely.

Sharon- Kyu laga ki mai yeah mauka dungi..

Swayam- Kunkii agar tum nahi dogi nah tho bhi yeah mauka cheen ke le lunga…

They both are seen dancing to yeah Kalish hai.The dance was good(I cant explain it in words much one has to watch it).

Precap: AVP again gives Challenge to team.New team is not present.The guys discuss with old team.Remo sirs entry with ABCD team

Update Credit to: asmaju

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