Dil Dosti Dance 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 3rd October 2013 Written Update

Rey says the fest has come to an end and the team and dance are no where close to each other. Please God give some kind of clue. Vicky comes and announces the end of fest when Shivam comes by and says the host team did not do a single dance when they are the winners of NDC championship. If NDC Champions do not dance then who will.The team is all quite and stunned at what Shivam is doing. ST.Louis team has organized the fest and their team is not performing. Lets have a small performance what about a face off. ST.Louis team is shocked. Shivam says how about a face off between KR and St.Louis. The audience start cheering for face off. The team remains quite. The team is a shocked and says what the hell. How dare he does that. They get shocked that he has given them a challenge. Now they

need to do something its either this way or other. Shivam triggers saying what happened are they scared.Rey thanks God for the sign and now whatever happens it must be good for all. Shivam says NDC Champs will you keep standing there or come on stage.He continues with Vicky are you only able to tell poems. NDC Champs are afraid of dance or to loose with KR.The team says they must remember their No dance promise.Sharon says means they are mocking us and without any competition they will win Shivam says the saying in hindi that guest is like God and they are not accepting the request of face off.The cheer in the crowd increases for Face off.

Shivam starts with they are losers and the audience follow the same.Rey says he can’t believe that the team has become insensitive and he just relazied it today and moves away from stage.Swayam stays that they must dance.Rey stops there.Vicky asks them what about the No dance promise. Swayam says that happened because of fight between Rey and me and now it is solved. Swayam says before D se Deewar(wall) s we have others D’s too D se Dil,D se Dosti,D for Dance. Rey joins the team and they share a group hug. They decide to dance.Sharon says lets show Shivam and goes and says now see what these losers do and make you loose . The bottle is spun and it points to KR College. The face off between the two teams begins with a mix of songs. The D3 team wins it and they all share a group hug. The hug each other separately too Sharon and Swayam are about to hug each other and stop. Rey then says they are back. They all stand and Swayam and Sharon hold hands and the whole team blows and thanks.Vicky thanks everyone for coming and making the fest a success. Sharon Thanks the KR college and their GS cause of which something that was not happened happened.

Sharon tells Swayam she is happy that dance is back into their life as in teams life.Shivam and Rey hug each other in locker room and Rey thanks him.Shivam says that was his plan.Swayam comes just then and asks it was all planned…

Update Credit to: asmaju

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