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In the morning, Ishika comes from bath. Huma wakes up and asks what did she miss. Ishika says good morning. Huma says she doesn’t remember anything, what they made them drink. Ishika says she remembers everything. Huma asks what. Ishika says it was just a kiss. She hugs her in excitement. Ishika says she is still confused, what he will say. Huma says this is 2014, she must go and tell her what is in her heart, he won’t say listening to her confession. Ishika thinks she will say Raghv the three words.
Sharon tells Simmi about the proposal. She says she never thought, it will be like this. Sharon tells her that swayam is even coming here to help them. She goes looking for her in the fields, and calls Swayam to come out as Sharon is waiting. Some men appeared, and encircled Sharon in the

fields. Simmi comes there, and gets into the circle resisting the men, but they teased her. Alok comes there, and shouts what is happening here, will they take all the fun themselves. Sharon tells him to leave, but Alok says they will have to get lost. Simmi warns about telling the head. ALok says he is the head’s guest. Sharon hits Alok, upon touching her. She runs away, but fells down a few steps away. Someone hits ALok, it was Swayam. He takes Sharon aside, and fights the men. Simmi was hurt in head, Rey and others also join the fight. A man announces that the head is coming here. The men run away. The boys go to look for Simmi, Nil takes her inside. Swayam asks Sharon is she alright, she couldn’t speak. He tells her, everything is alright.
Ishika comes to Raghv and says good morning. He ignores her. She says she has to say something. He leaves saying he is already late for rehearsals. She says they must talk while walking for the rehearsals. He asks what is it. She says she doesn’t understand how to say this. He tells her to hurry up. She says I love you. He turns to look at her. She explains, she needed to say it from a bit of days but after yester-night she thinks may be he also. He asks what happened yester-night. She goes behind him, he says she isn’t his type, a boy like him can’t live comfortably with her. She asks what does he mean with type? He says he doesn’t like the Chuimui type girls, and leaves.
Simmi says she never saw Swayam so much angry. Swayam comes and says he can’t tolerate. Rey says he told them all to leave, but they all underestimate them. Simmi says that they must wait for Diwali, but must not be impulsive; they must be extra careful till then. Rey agrees, and hopes their Diwali dance is successful. Karma gives his water-melon to Huma. She asks why she should eat it. Karma says he knows she gets angry, in an empty stomach. She asks how he knows. He says he knows this, she must please eat it. She thinks something is wrong, but maybe she is over-thinking.
Alok and Lakhan decide to do something against them, on Diwali.

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They all congratulate each other on Diwali. Huma comes into Ishika’s room, she was crying. Huma asks what happened. Ishika says Raghv doesn’t love her, she had a mis understanding. Huma says Raghv is lying, but Ishika says lie was what happened that night. She was wrong, she has to struggle in life; it was necessary. She says now Ishika has to change, for her own happiness. She thanks Huma for doing a lot for her. Huma asks can she forget him. Ishika says she can try, and leave.
Rey looks at Kriya’s photo and says to fulfil the dream, they have to bring the change. He says to Kriya, that it is because of her that he will give happiness to others. He will give the villagers their Diwali gift. Lakhan tells the builder that they aren’t leaving. The builder scolds Alok for teasing the girl, what if the head knows about it. He says the villagers won’t dare to confront him, and tthey will know it today.

PRECAP: The villagers ask them to join the dance, Chintoo comes to tell them that they are destroying their place. They all run there, the men beat Swayam.

Update Credit to: Sona

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