Dil Dosti Dance 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Taani comes and hugs Rey saying everything is fine.Rey asks herb if everything is fine.Amar comes and says they will go to canteen and party.The gang agrees.Taani says she has to complete some formalities.Aashi shouts they shall Party .Gang stares at her and shouts party again.They were in canteen when they were worried about results when Rey says not to worry.Barath asks did Swayam bite you cause these kinds of words only he says.Rey says from yesterday night to today morning untill I was on stage everything seemed to stop but when I was on stage things looked proper.The gang says he belongs to Dance.Rey says they are his inspiration and he is proud to say it.

The gang dances on Rubaroo and Rey gets a call from Taani asking him to come and meet at the fire exit.He moves.Swayam calls

his father and informs him the performance was good.His dad asks him about results.He says its out in few days.His dad says he wants Taani’s review and asks where is she.Swayam says she is it home.He adds saying if he things he is nobody his friends are a rock star and they are best dancers in the whole country.He sees Sharon and admires her.He comes in and thinks Sharon I need you.It feels I just take you out to a place where there is no one around .Vicky comes and pulls Swayam in to Dance.Swayam Dances and Sharon admires him now.She thinks Swayam needs her cause of all the issues happening around.She tells herself that she feels happy when he is happy,Is sad when he is sad … and finally agress that this is what is called “Love,Ishk,Pyaar,Mohabaat”.

Rey is in the fire exit when Taani keeps on telling him something but he is all lost in his thoughts.His reflection asks him what has he done to Taani she is all drowned in the plan of marriage and all.He feels that he was doing a big mistake..He was leaving Dance and by this the college reputation would have been in question.He then is in the basket ball court thinking about the same.

Taani si in her room where she thanks Krishna ji and things all is in control and sleeps.A dream comes in which the Mehandi ceremony of Taani is happening and the gang is all happy and they are dancing.Rey falls from his bed and thinks its a dream.

Precap:Rey asks Sharon for a favor where he asks her to hide it from Swayam.He has to make Taani realise or have a break up.Rey and Swayam dance on Ishkzaade.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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