Dil Dosti Dance 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 3rd March 2014 Written Update

Swayam starts with, Swayam getting hurt badly as he saved Sharon and instead got hurt. Everybody got worried for him and panics while Sharon goes into shock, not saying or doing anything. They drive Swayam to the hospital immediately while Ruhi is upset seeing all this and Simi urged Sharon to with them as she was in her shock state.

In car Rey ask everyone to not let Swayam sleep or close his eyes until they reach hospital yet Sharon is in shock state, only starring at Swayam but everybody panics as they see Swayam closing his eyes. Everybody is shouting for Swayam but Sharon never blinked her eyes. She reminiscences few moments spent with Swayam of past.

They reach hospital and take Swayam inside but Sharon couldn’t move and thought how Swayam pushed Sharon and instead

got hurt himself. She starts crying and says its all her fault that Swayam putted his life in danger because of her and if anything happens to him then she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself. Rey and Kriya consoles her and tries to pacify her telling her whatever happened wasn’t her fault and nothing will happen to Swayam while Sharon cries badly into Kriya’s arms.

Doctor informs that that though the have stopped the bleeding but still have to keep Swayam under observation while Sharon asks him if she can see Swayam but doctors only one person at a time thus Sharon goes into Swayam’s ward. She sees Swayam lying on bed, his head covered in bandages. On other hand Kriya tells Rey she will take Sharon to her guest house and shows attitude to Rey but Rey tells her that because of their fight Swayam is already injured and he thinks they shouldn’t talk.

Sharon shouts on Swayam that he wanted to make her feel guilty and show everybody that he is a hero and he helps and saves everyone, in her pain and guilt. She feels really bad to see Swayam in that state and cries to him and holds his hand. She cries and ask him to come back o his consciousness and she will never ever fight with him. She begs him and asks him why he saved her? She said he won’t understand that even how much she loves him even she fights with him. She said sh wishes it her instead of him. She says it’s her love which indanger Swayam every time and tells him that they are not meant to be together. She only wants to see him happy even if she has o stay away from him. Suddenly doctors comes and he have to take Swayam for tests.

Everybody asks her how is Swayam and she cries again. Rey consoles her and Kriya takes Sharon with her. Ruhi comes meanwhile and ask about Swayam to Rey and says she is really scared for Swayam and ask whether Sharon has gone. When Ruhi visits to Swayam and says as she is here, now everything will be fine; though the first word she hears from him was ‘Sharon’. He keeps calling Sharon in unconscious state and it Rui feels upset hearing this.

Outside, everyone wonders what is happening between Swayam and Sharon and Rui overheard them. Ruhi realizes that Swayam and Sharon were together back than. She goes to Swayam and says that how can a love be like this when he saved Sharon without thinking of himself and Sharon isn’t even in the hospital? She tells him that she will take care of him and from this poisonous love, by that she meant Sharon as she didn’t even try to find what was exactly happening in Sharon and Swayam’s life.

Meanwhile at house, Sharon reminiscences close and romantic moments spent with Swayam but also reminiscences whenever she hurt him or even after that he never saving her. She said she couldn’t even take care of him and he deserved much better girl than her.

PRECAP: Sharon thinks of how will Swayam react seeing her if he would be conscious now but when she saw Ruhi in his room, taking care of her so she asks a ward boy to send the flowers in Swayam’s room. Ruhi find out that Sharon sent those flower and throws it in dustbin while the small name letter attached to it, fall down on the floor.

Update Credit to: blush

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