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Swayam says Oh shit! I had to order a bouquet for the guest of honour, and then say that your mom is allergic to flowers. Sharon says that her mom is allergic to roses only; they can get the normal bouquets. They all say that they will have to do the practice for the performance. Sharon says she will come back, after finishing her work.
Raghav says that his phone battery was dead; she takes his phone and says it is dead. Raghav follows her out of the café, and tells him that the girl asked him to be at the party with her. Huma says that to attend the party I don’t need any selection process so I will be there. She tells him she got selected in a cool academy and also says that Raghav is going with her to the party. He comes forward; she points at him and says never to thinks about it.

tells Vishnu that she isn’t going to the fresher’s party. Vishnu convinces her that she must go to the party as she will find new friends there and then one day she will tell him not to come to pick her. She says that day will never come.
Raghav and Huma are in the basket ball court. Raghav says that she must see the standard of the academy. Huma tells him not to call it undergrounded. She asks him is his shirt branded, he says yes. She says she saw a same shirt at the road side stall; it’s just that they put a tag and increase the price. She says that to learn the dance one need instructors. He says alright, her D3 is the best. She says you can never understand, nor does ammi. He asks did she tell her. She says no, but will tell her tonight. He asks why, she will be hurt even more.
Sharon thinks she is late for the rehearsals. Karma comes to her office, she recognizes him. He asks if he can talk to her. He says that the results have been declared, she says that he is selected. He says that he want to pay the fee in parts, as he can’t afford this much amount. He will find a part time job, but doesn’t want to burdenize his parents. Sharon gives him a glass of water, and tells him that she will talk to her mom as they also don’t want to lose such talent. He cheers up, and says he will find a job from today. She says not today, tomorrow. For today, he must enjoy the party. She asks him who he is dating for the party. He thinks about Ishika as he listened to her talk with Vishnu and says he has a girl in mind. She wishes him luck.
Raghav looks for his watch in the cafeteria. He comes to a couple sitting on a table, looks down. The girl asks what is he doing, he tells her he looking for his watch and asks her if she saw it anywhere. He then, looks at the boy and goes away. The waiter brings him watch, he kisses him on his cheek and backs up yelling that he must always call him whenever needed. Ishika comes from behind, her plate of food fells down ruining her dress. He looks around, and then sits down to clean her dress. She backs up telling him to stand up as everyone is looking. She says that she will never be a friend to him as he flirts everyone and leaves.
They all dance together, when done Rey says that they got to dance together after a long time. Simmi says that it is always good dancing with Sharon as she encourages everyone to give their best. Bharat gets offensive that doesn’t she like dancing with them? Simmi explains that dancing together reminds them all of great memories from here. Rey says that even when we belong to different academies, we are dancing together. Sharon asks that they should now get ready. Everyone begins to leave, but Swayam doesn’t move. Sharon comes back to take him.
Ishika comes down from the stairs, thinking that she wanted to wash that Raghav away. She made up her mood to go to party and now this all. Karma says that even I don’t have the mood. He comes and tells her to put on some powder then sprinkle lemon on it, the stain will wash away. She thanks him; and says she is nervous about going to the party as she doesn’t know anyone there. He says that why shouldn’t we go there together. She begins to leave saying a bad idea. He stops her and says that he is nervous, she is nervous; why shouldn’t we go together. She says ok, he holds hands to her. She takes it and says they will meet in an hour. Karma says she is a sweet girl.
They all check arrangements of the party. Swayam asks Sharon will her mom like all the arrangements. She says she is being ignored, but he says that cheering your mom is more important right now. Simmi comes to Sharon and asks why she can repeat a dress in a party. Sharon tells her that she has so many dresses, why waste money on new ones. Simmi goes away saying what tension do you have about money. Sharon says that she can’t share it with them, but all problem is of money right now.
Ishika looks for Karma on the red-carpet nervously. She slips, getting stuck in the carpet corner. Raghav comes and holds her. They look at each other.

PRECAP: The play hide and seek blindedly. Raghav and Ishika gets each other, while Huma and Karma comes to pair.

Update Credit to: Sona

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