Dil Dosti Dance 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 3rd July 2013 Written Update

NDC continues. Taani and Sharon come back and everyone gathers around questioning their whereabouts. Taani and Rey look at each other, both hurt somewhere but silent. Sharon goes to Rey but he says he’s fine at blinks away from Taani, who is now assuring the team that everything will work out. Swayam whispers to Sharon but she walks away refusing to listen. He goes behind her but sees she’s continuing to ignore him. Taani wonders is she’s actually done some mistake and taken the wrong step as she watches Rey leave and leaves after him deciding to talk to him. Swayam too tells Sharon he needs to talk to her now. He’s serious now and keeps a demanding ordering tone, forcing Sharon to give in.

Taani goes to Rey, nervous and calls out to him. She tells him he’s not here in reality

and he knows it too. It’s NDC finals and team needs their best dancer. Rey says the team’s best dancer needs Taani. (What a good dialogue!) She says she’s in front of him. But he says she’s not with him. He needs her and he asks her if she loves him. She wants to reply but she walks away.

Swayam yells at Sharon as to why she’s ignoring him when she tells him to speak softly as others might hear it. He says it doesn’t matter to him. They go out to talk. He corners her to the wall and is angry but Sharon replies with giving him a hug. He asks why the mixed emotions? She says she’s sorry and she tried a lot but his dad didn’t agree to coming to NDC. He asks her why she did that. She says she did it for his happiness as she knew it’ll make him happy. He wipes her tears away and says it’s okay. He thanks her for trying but he knows he’ll never come. Then he asks why are you so nice?! Because no one stood up against his dad and she did it and took a stand for him. “I love you” “I love you too”. They share a hug. He asks why was she ignoring him for this? She realizes there was no reason for her to ignore and she was just scared, hence apologizes while also telling him about Rishi knowing that Rey’s a dancer. Swayam gets tensed.

Performances are about to start and announcement is made. Sharon asks ‘Janna hai?’ and Swayam kneels in to her and shakes his head, dreamily, making her smile and they share a LLHH moment.

The first team performs. Then they announce they’ll visit backstage and D3 team panics as they will come to them too and start cleaning up when they go live. SwaRon are hand in hand when they watch on TV that anchors are in their room. They ask Bharat and once again, he takes it as an insult and is ready to pounce on them. They ask Rey how he feels and he looks at them lost, remembering Taani’s words.

Rishi comes there. Everyone wonders if he knows Rey’s a dancer. Anchor says he can’t be everyone’s dad here. Rishi say’s he’s the father of the team’s captain. Swayam is shocked. “Papa?” Sharon repeats “Papa?” They rush to reach there before anything negative happens. Rishi says he’s here to support his son and ‘betejaise-jo’ looking at Rey. Rey is happy. Taani, Swayam and Sharon come there, all still wondering how come he’s there. Rishi says even though late, he’s here now. They have an emotional rejoicing moment. They hug at anchor’s comment. =P Everyone is happy.

Precap: 2nd team performs. Team awaiting Rey. Taani reaches him. Swayam calls Rey saying he will have to come. Rey decides and Taani tells him she does love him.

Update Credit to: Khushii

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