Dil Dosti Dance 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 31st October 2013 Written Update

The team comes to rehearsal hall all laughing saying thank God they don’t have to do such stuff.Swayam says now they must practice doing it too.The gang sees him when Sayam says we will be doing Ramleela.Barath asks has he gone crazy. They tell Dramatics team will be doing this.Swayam and Aashi reply saying there is no dramatics team in the college.The boys ask to inform Vp when Swayam says VP asksed them to handle as they are cultural team. Sharon comes forward as says its their event and hence its their responsibility to do it.Vicky replies saying she must have changed from Diva to Devi but not them.When they are laughing themselves others will laugh at them too.They are not even ready to do backstage. Swayam asks Rey to support when Nil says Rey is by their side.Rey walks towards

Swayam and says its their thought and moreover this is a big opportunity to help the education system. Rinni comes forward saying she has no issues. Simmi also joins when boys says cheater no 2. The start making boys accept saying its for our college,its for our tam.Vicky and Nil are afraid of waxing saying they wont do it.Finally all the boys agree to it.Nilesh imagines the boys rehearsing in dhoti when his dhoti falls down.He shouts a no in classroom when all turn towards him.He says he dreamt of his dhoti coming out when all laugh.

the team is settled in atrium when Vickky and Nil says they wax and where having fun when Sharon says they must decide the roles. the boys asks Swayam to become Ram.They decide and next they decide who must be Sita. Simmi suggestsSharon when boys sart laughing.Sharn asks why are they laughing and she can protray Sita Well and gang agrees.Swayam thinks Sharon as sita No ways and that would be a problem. Swayam comes down and says he cant be Ram. he has wound on his head and can’t take Ram’s position.He would do something else.Sharon is shocked listening to this. Swayam then suggests Rey to be Ra and he would be Lakshman .Aashi says yes both act like brothers so let them be.Sharon thinks by this she will become Swayam’s sister in law. She thinks to reject the role but seeing gang thinks just now I argued and got it back and now if i reject what will they think.I need to do something.She says Rey and her as pair sounds so wired.She feels she must make a situation for this.The gang decides to leave and all move out saying good night. They think what to say to Good night in hindi when Swayam says “Mitragan Subahratrikal milte hai “.

Sharon thinks now she needs to learn hindi too but before that she needs to come out from sita’s role. A new day begins and the first day of rehearsals starts.Swayam comes when he sees sharon dessed in white and thinks khoobsurat and walks in seeing her laugh.Vicky comes and wishes him.Swayam says Suprabhat which means good morning. Sharon says whatever when Aashi says now you need to speak so being Sita.Rey comes in saying whats up guys. Swayam asks what Kaand(Chapter) they want to do.Aashi explains Ramayan has 7 kands.Baratha sks are they going to do any kaand when Swayam says its not that kand but kand as in chapters.

Aashi asks Swayam to stand by Rey and asks Sharon to come and stand beside her Ram.Sharon walks in thinking and stands beside Swayam. Swayam and Sharon see each other.
Aashi asks hey sita what are you doing ram is this side. Sharon says she got confused. Rey asks Sita to come when Swayam says its site.Rey says Sitee come here baby. Swayam then says it correctly in hindi that she must go to Ram and he is his brother lakshman. Sharon then says she cant do this role.She slowly sees Swayam and says all cause of you.swayam asks did you say anything when Sharon say nothing and tells team she wants to backout from sita ashe cn’t do it and moves out. Barath asks why does she change decisions Its stats from asking Rey to convince her and then Simmi and finally comes to Swayam.Swayam says he can not but rey tels him if he does not then he will tell that yesterday sharon’s anklet was not lost but was being taken by him.Swayama gress to convience her. The gang speaks who will be Sita if Sharon does not agree.Swayam goes to terrace and finds Sharon walking to and fro.Sharon tells why this it happen to her.Its like God wants to backfire each of her plan.Swayam thinks changed my foot she is super predictable.I knew she would be here. Swayam comes ain and makes Sharon realizse his presence with sound. Sharon turns and both share a eye lock Swayam says he need to speak with her.

Precap: One of the boys to become Sita.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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