Dil Dosti Dance 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 31st May 2013 Written Update

Sharon is in her hall thinking that she went away from Swayam due to the asthma.But Swayam came close to her for the same.She registers the fact that she loves Swayam and she need to let hm know.She feels that she s Sharon Rai Prakash.She also thinks she is a normal girl and f Swayam comes and proposes her she will accept it immediately.She thinks always a guy propose and she will see if Swayam proposes her tomorrow.She sees his picture n her mobile wall paper and wishes for hm to propose her.

A new day begins when the bell of Swayam’s house rings.The kaka opens the door and sees Rey.Rey comes in and Taani stops him saying her bro s sleeping.Rey says he came hear to speak about Rehearsals.Taani says the rehearsals are afternoon and her brother needs to rest.Rey says he will wake

him up and moves when Taani stops him again saying that the floor is wet as its just cleaned and Rey must remove his shoes.Rey removes then when Taani comes forward with the broom in her hand.Rey moves and Taani reminds him of floor being wet.Rey opens Swayam’s room door and calls him to wake him up.when he moves front he falls down and Taani and kaka come.Swayam sees this and says he will sit when Rey tells Swayam that since he is unwell he need not come for reheasals.Rey says he will go meet doctor and get the reports.Swayam asks Rey to go alone and not take Sharon as she gets hyper with regard to it.Rey asks Swayam what happened between them and tries teasing a bit.

Sharon has her bath and dries her her.She is confused as to what to wear that will impress Swayam.She sees various dresses and feels they need to be simple.Finally her eyes fall on the white dress that she has worn during the abandon corridor and feels its a normal dress for her but for Swayam its special.She also thinks the dress must be comfortable even if she sits on his cycle.

Rey decides moving from there when Taani brings two cups of tea.Rey s about to leave when Taani indirectly says with the help of Swayam that ts masala tea.Swayam also insist and Rey takes t.Rey says its not proper tea whole Swayam says ts good.Taani hears tastes her tea and comes and takes cup from Rey.Rey moves to college.

The team is in rehearsal hall when Vicky says they need to keep a back up routine without Swayam .Rey hesitates at first but agrees to it later.Taani hears this which is said by Rey and claps her hand and comes in.She says only you can think of this .This is your motive behind coming to home at morning to remove Swayam from the team.The team is stunned at what Taani says.

Swayam is in his room when his father comes home searching for Taani.He asks Swayam where is Taani and he says she went to college.he asks swayam why is he at home when Swayam says he has shoulder injury.His dad mocks him saying he is delicate and Swayam asks if he will be at home.His dad says yes when Swayam says I cant be hear then and moves to get ready for college.

Precap;Sharon comes to college dressed in the dress and Swayam asks her you in this dress.Swayam hears the convo in which Taani blames Rey and says he is quitting the team.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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