Dil Dosti Dance 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 31st March 2014 Written Update

Ruhi and Sharon are in the locker room, Ruhi tells Sharon that she’ll dislike a lot that will happen from now and leave.

Nil is in the cafeteria. He tells the waiter to bring one sandwich and coffee. As he gets them and hands him the bill he complains about the price-hike. Waiter says that they cannot do anything about it as everything in the market is getting expensive. Simmi comes in and tells them that elections are here and they now need to vote the right person.

Everyone comes in the garage to see Amar’s van. Rey notices that Sharon is lost. Swayam asks will this van even start after the wash. They all set to wash it.

Amar looks at the van as it is ready. He then hugs Rey and thanks everyone. He tells that they have proved themselves to be his true friends.

Rey and Swayam tells him to relax and appreciates how he used to work in the café’s kitchen along with study and dance and never complained.

Sharon gets dad’s call. She tells Rey and leave. She asks, ’did you talk to education ministry? ’ As she hung up Rey and Swayam were already there. She tells them that her father will be of no much help. The orders came from education ministry itself and they think that dance department is a waste of money.” She says disappointedly that she doesn’t have the courage to tell everyone. Swayam says that they must go and sit in the café. Rey calls everyone to go.

They were coming out. Swayam announces that he will come with Sharon. As everybody leaves they turn around and see Ruhi. She had put on a bandage on her head. Ruhi tells them she got this injury as she was trying to walk in spite of the strain in foot. She asks Swayam to leave for temple as they’ll get late and offers Sharon to join. Sharon says no thanks. Swayam suggests if they could go any other time but she says that she wanted to pray for their affiliation. Swayam says that affiliation really needs prayers. Ruhi asks if he’ll drop her home as she’ll get late. Sharon suggests she could stay her place but Swayam was reluctant because of last-night’s event. He says Ruhi could stay at his place. Ruhi agrees. They leave.

In café everyone was celebrating when Sharon enters. Rey asks why she was upset, and where Swayam was. She tells him he had gone to temple with Ruhi. Nil comes and says to Sharon that they must start their practices as there is little time left. Rey tells him that they’ll do it from tomorrow. He asks if he talked to Vicky, Rey says yes, his grandfather is better. Nil asks how he contacted him. Rey tells him that he gave his dad’s number, and says he must have forgotten to give it to you. Nil was heart-broken. Simmi comes there and tells Nil that once Vicky will come back everything will be fine. After all they cannot stay away from each other for thins long. Nil asks is it really you Simmi who is saying this all. Simmi tells him that she is not a villain of any film who’ll keep two friends apart. Nil tells her she is in fact the heroine and hugs her. Rey and Sharon happily tease them.

Rey drops Sharon home. As she was about to leave the car he asks her that at times when we like someone and that person gets close to someone else, we starts disliking it. She doesn’t understand. He says he is talking about Swayam and Ruhi and asks her if she is jealous with Ruhi? Sharon tells him that she is not that insecure kind of a girl and she fears that Swayam will also think the same. She gets a call and tells Rey it was Kriya.

They get out of the car. Kriya tells her what her dean had told her. Sharon informs her how VP sir told them about management change. She tells her that they had not told anyone about it yet, only she, Rey and Swayam knew. Kriya asks about Rey. Sharon gives the phone to Rey. He says hello but no one replies. He tells Kriya not to be this angry and says sorry. Kriya does not speak. Episode ends.

PRECAP: Swayam and Rey complain VP about informing Kriya’s college. He says that he is sorry but their efforts are now useless. And they are wasting not only their time but also Kriya’s.

Update Credit to: Niki

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