Dil Dosti Dance 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 31st January 2013 Written Update

The team is rehearsing and dancing while the new team watches them with a bored expression. Sharon asks them what’s the matter. They ask why they were called here. Was it to show you guys are better? Sharon challenges them to do their own routine. They accept readily.

They start dancing and giving solo performances.

Sharon is definitely not happy. She criticizes them in her own way while others think is she for real? The new team is smiling thinking they’ve proved they’re better. She yells at them for even thinking this to be a routine. The smile is wiped off their face Bull ****. Nilesh and Aashi burst out laughing and comment but gets a glare from Sharon nonetheless. ReYam give silent smiles.

Sharon asks the new team to grow up and gives them a perfect answer. Swayam whispers, ‘Sharon’s back.’ She tells both the teams that this is about dance ‘team’ so work accordingly and prove yourself without showing someone else down.

She tells everyone to get in formation and no one gets in proper formation. She yells at them to get quiet when she feels disturbed at the overly loud noise and gets an asthma attack. She rushes to the locker room to get her inhaler. Simmi is there and she supports her and covers up for her.

Simmi warns her to not dance else she’ll tell Rey. Sharon says she didn’t dance but had to yell. She’s fine now and asks her to not get hyper as this is now normal for her. Simmi tells her to not go in sad mode. They have a heartfelt conversation as Sharon agrees on missing dance and wonders if there is a way out.

[Part 2 on YT starts here but it is blocked in my country. So I’m having to summarize in my own words from 5 minute video by channelV. Sorry]

Taani waits for Rey for the meeting and date. Rey arrives late again and apologizes for constantly coming late due to rehearsals. Taani is talking about Chua and Rey asks where is chua? He starts talking about pest control and Taani vents at him for talking about Chua on their date

The gang is having their normal crazy talks Everyone says how much they miss last years India Fest and how fun it was.

Update Credit to: Khushi

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