Dil Dosti Dance 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 31st December 2013 Written Update

Vicky asks Nil now that he has met Nil when is he about to meet his online friend. Simmi tells Rinni that Nil does not know Simmi is his Online friend. Vicky asks is your online friend a girl or not lets check it.On checking they find it is a guy. Nil says the voice was sweet.Vicky mimics a girls voice and says its easy to do so.A guy can easily make out a girls voice on phone. Rey is walking out when Pune tells the front door is closed and asks Rey to go out via back door.While moving Rey hears someone cry and opens the store room door and findsKriya crying.He asks Kriya she is here when Kriya gets up and hugs Rey. Rey asks Kriya how is she here when Kriya tells some one locked her up. Rey asks why did she come here when Kriya replies saying Vicky and Nil gave her a prop list

and asked her to bring it saying you asked.Rey asks why did she not call anyone , Kriya tells a girl got hers saying she needs to make important call.Rey tells Kriya he will drop her home when Kriya says no she will manage.Rey catches her hand and pulls her out with him.

Rey and Kriya are in car when Kriya falls asleep.Sharon calls Rey and lets him know Kriya is not at her home when Rey tells she is with him and was locked in locker room.Rey tells she is fine and he will drop her home. Sharon informs the same to Swayam and they move to Sharon’s house.Kriya is asleep in car when Rey sees her with Oh ho tune playing in background.Kriya drops her head on Rey’s shoulder which he adjusts and drives.On reaching he wakes up Kriya with the horn and says they have reached guest house.Kriya thanks him and they bid bye to each other.Rey sends a message to Vicky and Nil asking them to meet him at his home soon.Rey is waiting when Vicky and Nil come in saying its so late why did he call them here. Rey says at this time I just dropped Kriya at her house. She was locked in locker room.Vicky and Nil asks is she fine when Rey says she is good.He asks them did they lock her when they says they did not.Rey tells whoever locked her it will not be good.He asks Vicky and Nil did they send her to get props if so they must also know who locked her.Vicky and Nil asks if they are doubting him. Vicky tells we told but that does not mean they locked.Rey tells they cannot lie to him.Rey tells he is watching both of them.Vicky and Nil leave Rey’s house.

Swayam drops Sharon at her home when Sharon asks him to come in. Swayam tells Sharon its nice to see her caring for Kriya.Sharon tells she is staying alone so friends would take care of her.Swayam says before they both did not get well when Sharon says I know I used to dislike her but love is one feeling which changed every negative thing into positive feeling.Pehele Nasha instrumental plays in BG. Swayam says he will leave and they did bye wishing to meet next day. The next day they both are dancing in rehearsal hall when Sharon asks where is Kriya.Swayam says she is bit disturbed with yesterday Sharon yes in fact from the time she came back she has been going through something or other. She has very strong spirit. by which she did not give up when Rey,team are not supporting her. Swayam says he never give up attitude is her specialty. He adds he never knew Sharon will observe her closely. Kriya comes in.Sharon asks how is she who locked her.Kriya tells she was locked for 5 hours.if not for Rey she would still have been there. Sharon says they will manage their routine. Sharon asks Kriya did she have her breakfast when Kriya says she will have it later.Sharon tells Kriya until she has breakfast she cannot return back to rehearsal hall and even Swayam supports her in this.Kriya moves to canteen.

Kriya searches for seat but canteen is filled.She finds a chair near Rey vacant.She moves there and asks Rey would he mind if she sits here as other chairs are occupied.Rey says neither this canteen nor the chair are his so she can sit. Kriya thanks Rey for yesterday’s help when Rey tells he would have done this for any other person too. Kriya eats something spicy and asks Rey for water.Rey brings water and also brings chocolate pastry. Rey gives it to Kriya saying its her favorite when both remember the cake fight

Precap: Vicky and Nil make another plan to make Kriya go back to New York. Vp asks Rey and Kriya to show their dance.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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