Dil Dosti Dance 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 30th October 2013 Written Update

Swayam ,Sharon ,Rey and Aashi leave for VP’s cabin.Swayam and Sharon share a small eye lock while leaving the place.Boys are confused to see Sharon is traditional attire.Girls tell them that all girl love to change their attire.In VP’s cabin ,VP tells Swayam ,Sharon ,Rey and Aashi that college authorities are happy with the response they have got for Ganesh Festival.So they have decided to do another event to raise funds for Educational institutions .Also he suggests to rebuilt the cultural team if they want to.Aashi says this team is the best.Sharon agrees to her.Rey and Swayam are shocked to see Sharon and Aashi agreeing to something.They smiled at each other and VP asked them what is so funny.Rey says they are excited about the event and need time for brain storming .VP says

they have less time as they have organize the event on weekend.

Gang starts discussing different ideas to make Fund raising successful.Rey says they should mix entertainment to it so that people will be happy.Nilesh ,Bharat ,Vicky and Amar start giving stupid ideas like girls washing cars, Cricket match ,girls foot ball match but girls reject all ideas.Rinni says fancy dress competition to which boys they she is can be an idiot. Sharon suggests they should do something mature like Diwali event.They can do dance,drama and stalls as well.Swayam agrees to her.Sharon looks at him and Swayam tries to avoid her.Gang agrees to Diwali event idea.They decide to make presentation and present it to VP .Sharon leaves the meeting room and drops her anklet behind her by mistake.Swayam notices it and keeps it in his pocket silently.

In the meeting VP sirs says idea is good.Swayam and Rey tell him its Sharon’s idea.VP sir says Sharon is in traditional attire and her idea is also tradition.Sharon replies to him saying she has learned the importance of traditions in relationships.VP says dance team will be responsible for dance and they have to do Ramleela for this event .He tells them to inform drama team.Rey agrees to him .

Sharon sends text message to Simi saying Ramleela.She spreads the message in whole gang.Bharat gets the message and screams Ram leela .Teacher is about to give him punishment class gets over.

Rey tells Swayam to talk to drama team and he will talk to the gang about dance.Swayam says they can use the recently prepared routine in dance but they should focus on Ramleela.Sharon is searching her anklet.Swayam gives weird look so Rey understands he has taken it.He starts teasing Swayam.Swayam gives him glares.Rey takes Aashi from there .Sharon asks Swayam if he has seen her anklet.He says he didnt see her anklet .In fact he didnt even notice that she is wearing anklet.Sharon becomes upset and ask he didnt even notice her traditional attire.He says he didnt notice her.Why would he notice her.He leaves from there.Sharon says she will make him notice the new Sharon.

Gang is making fun of the idea of Ram leela.They are discussing about how funny drama team will look while doing Ram leela.Swayam goes to meet Drama team but he finds out no one is there and all the members have left the team.Aashi says they should tell VP sir.Swayam says they need to solve this problem and enact the play.

Gang is having fun in cateen talking about Ram leela.Swayam calls Rey and tells them to come to RH .Swayam and Aashi are worried about gang’s reaction after knowing that they have to do Ram leela.Gang goes to RH and Swayam informs them that they have to do Ram leela.Gang is shocked to know that.

Precap :Ram leela role allotment .Rey suggests Swayam for Ram’s role and Simi suggests Sharon for Sita.Boys make fun of Sharon saying she cant play Sita to which Sharon says she can be Sita.Rey says than its final Swayam and Sharon will Ram – Sita .

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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