Dil Dosti Dance 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 30th May 2013 Written Update

Swayam is in the medical room where he is applying the hot bagover his shouldes.Sharon comes in and asks that she knows he needs help.Swayam says he will manage.The bag falls down.Sharon says she will help him.Swayam says he can manage.Sharon tells I’m asking you vut letting you know and moves behind to keep the bag and places it.This happens for sometime.Sharon asks the physio said they have to massage.Swayam tell yes he remembers it.Sharon asks him shall I do it.She asks again and Swayam stays silent.Sharon massages him and he gets up.Sharon comes forward and massages him on his shoulders.The son Meri Aashique is in the background while Sharon hugs Swayam.Swayam hugs her back and after sometime moves her away.Sharon holds Swayam’s hand and kisses him.They move a bit closer when

Swayam moves her and sees her for a while and leaves the room.Sharon thinks why did he leave her.Does he not love her any more.

Taani thinks that everyone praised me but Rey.No I cant let this affect.I must give importance to my work.Sharon is walking while she thinks how could not control herself in situation.She remembers her messaging Swayam and says it out loud Did it hurt you or not.She thinks she came forward and did and all this is very confusing.She needs to ask Rey for help.There are few boys around when she says it loud and they notice this.

The boys are in the locker room doing all sorts of crazy things.The boys did not have their shirts on and where playing when Sharon enters the boys locker room searching for Rey.Nilesh saying even boys have Izath(shame) and the boys try wearing the shirt.Sharon does give a heed to them and shouts Rey where are you.Rey sees her and comes.Sharon says Rey I’m totally confused.Rey reminds her she is in the boys locker room and Sharon is all shocked.Rey exces with guys and moves out with Sharon.Nilesh and Amar wear the same Tee.The boys tell when girls can come in Boys locker room they will also go in girls locker room and move out in same way.They also tell even guys have privacy.

Swayam and Sharon are in a room where Sharon keeps moving too and fro.Rey says if I had to do eye exercise I would do it at home watching some sport.Sharon sits down in a chair ans tells her life is now like a tennis ball.Rey comes and sits infront of her and asks her to tell.Sharon tries struggling that if a girl admits …if a boy moves a girl away.Rey tells when a girl takes a first step in love.Sharon agrees and continues a boy moves away.Rey thinks and say this is an interesting question.Rey replies may be the boy is going to be a Saint.Sharon says no no the guy is not such.Rey thinks and says may be the guy is married and does not want to ditch his wife.Sharon says he is not married.Rey says then he must be a Gay.Sharon says he is not such and moves forward confused.Rey says when the guys is Swayam.Sharon is shocked and waits Rey continues he does not want to use you.When the relationship between you both is not confirmed he does not want to use you.Sharon says but she was willingly giving herself and he left her.She says Rey you know how lonely I felt.Sharon says that any normal guy would accept.Rey says Yes a normal person will do but Swayam he is special.And you like him cause he is Special.Sharon says but I willingly went and he left me.Rey says the question itself is wrong.You need to tell if you are ready.You can’t go near him when you like and move far away when you want.

Precap;Sharon confused to select a dress to wear which will impress Swayam.She makes a step that she will tell Swayam that she loves him.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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