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Swayam tells Huma to focus on her dance; he will get the students from where it is possible. After he is gone, Huma says that this Sharon has been a head ache for her. Karma takes the money on interest, the bhai warns him to return them within 3 months. He says he will return them as soon as he gets the prize money. He thinks about calling Sharon, it was too late. He thinks it is about my career. Sharon disconnects his phone. He texts her, she replies him to meet her in her office. Her gets happy that she will agree about his admission.
Huma calls her ammi at home, she brings water for her. She asks why she has brought the coconut water. Her mother says this is healthy; she has to beautify her face as she has to be a heroine. Her ammi says that she met a casting director; he says she is worth

a heroine. Her mummy says that she told them that she has been selected in St. Luois. Huma says why they should keep the name of someone else. She says that once you get signed, you will dance in the forward line. Her father comes that and tells her mom to ask Huma. Her mom says she want her to be in the front line and not be a back dancer.
Karma comes across Huma, he excuses himself. She says you are going to make excuses, but you won’t get admission in St Luois. She says that you are a loser who leaves one academy after joining it. He says that my name was on the list.
Karma comes to Sharon and tells her he brought the whole fees. Sharon says that I am sorry I can’t accommodate you. He asks why. She says we cant poach other academy’s students. He says I came here by myself, its not about poaching. She gets annoyed that there are already a lot of problems in my life, I have to give explanations to Swayam and you as well. He says how did Swayam know? She says you aren’t the only student of Swayam. He takes it at once and leaves. He finds Huma in the corridor and takes her by arm. She struggles but he says he will never come to D3 and tell everyone what kind of place D3 is.
Sharon signs a paper and tells her mom its done. Her mom was lost somewhere and tells her to put it aside. She asks her mom if there is a problem. Her mom says that she is worried about Dance mania, and she has not seen someone practicing seriously. They need to win all the solo and group prizes. And NYU is going to judge it by this competition as well. Sharon says she just need one more dancer. Her mom gets worried. Sharon says that she must not have faced the last minute panic, but she has. Her mom says that she should tell her about the last minute panic only when their house is about to be sold. Sharon comes out of the office thinking has she done something wrong refusing Karma. She comes across Raghv, she asks him about Ishika, she says she wants a confirmation and I need to put the final name in the form. He tells her to put it there, there is an emergency in her family otherwise she was coming to meet her. Sharon says she will have to meet her as soon as her emergency is over. Raghv regrets lying, and then thinks about Vishnu.
Swayam was in the café. Huma joins him and says she came here to tell him something. She asks what he is doing, he says he is filling the forms. He doesn’t know whether to write Karma’s name or not. Either way they are going to lose. He hopes Karma choses their academy.
Karma comes to sharon’s mom. She recognizes her that he had the fee issues. He tells her he was selected in the first list, but now Sharon is refusing to give him the admission. She asks why will she do so.
Swayam asks Huma what she was about to say. She says I forgot. She thinks she must not tell Swayam about Karma as he is already stressed.
Avantika tells Karma to pay the fee till evening and he will get the admission.

PRECAP: In the class, Ishika asks has he arranged for his fee. He says that is the reason he is happy. She asks does he have them with him in the bag. He says he kept them in his locker. Huma was hearing this. Karma opens his locker and looks for the money.

Update Credit to: Sona

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