Dil Dosti Dance 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 30th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Rey waiting in the BOYS Locker Room totally tensed. Swayam enters. Rey tells him that he really did not know anything about this thing which happened. Swayam assures him that he trusts him. Rey asks where the Gang is. Swayam tells him that they left because they were very upset even I came to say goodbye to you. He says don’t take tension in fact talk to them in the morning in college and make them understand.
Meanwhile AK comes and listens to their convo. He asks Rey to come to talk to him that to alone. Rey goes. AK calls him for a meeting in the morning at 9 am. Rey says that he has to meet the gang but AK interrupts him and says meeting is very important for his career. Swayam listens to this convo from backside. Rey leaves. AK is smiling to himself. Swayam

sees this, AK spots Swayam and smiles at him and Swayam smiles back.
Next day Swayam is waiting at the college entry for Rey. He is worried whether Rey will come or not. Rey comes and Swayam tells him that he should apologize to the Gang and then make them listen to him because they won’t even stand in front of Rey to listen to anything that he says. He also says that they should not spot him with Rey or else they will boycott Swayam too. So Swayam bids him bye and goes from there.
Rey thinks of a plan and goes in the announcement room. He misguides the in charges over there and makes them go out of the room. Then he announces that there is a donkey roaming freely in the college. And he makes everyone hear the voice of a donkey through his phone. Gang is listening to him. Then he says the DONKEY is me. I did not understood my friends and I hurt them so I apologize for that. Still no one is satisfied. He then says if you are not satisfied with this then take this and College Cheer Girls and Band comes in the class with a Banner with “I AM SORRY” written on it. The lecturer in the class is highly pissed on all this but no one listens to him. Then Rey enters and performs in front of the Gang. Lecturer complains to VP sir.
Scene shifts to VP sirs cabin where he is talking on the phone to Sharon and she is apologizing in favor of the Gang and she requests him not to detain them. VP sir listens to her and scolds them for their misbehavior. Gang starts blaming Rey for all this. Rey takes all the blame on him. VP sir forgives them and tells them to leave. Its 9 am and Rey doesn’t go to the meeting so Swayam becomes happy and hugs him. VP sir says u people should learn to behave and tells them to go out and do whatever they want to do.
Scene shifts to Rehearsal Hall. Rey tells them that he did not know anything about him. Finally after a lot of tries they agree with him and start celebrating.
There AK is waiting for Rey but he doesn’t come instead the guy who had misbehaved with Vicky and Neha comes and tells him that they are a strong gang and it’s hard to break their unity. They broke their bones a lot so he asks for extra payment. But AK gets angry and tells him to leave. AK owes that he will break this unity and specially Rey’s and Swayam’s BOND.

PRECAP:- AK meets Rey in the Rehearsal Hall and tells him that they’ll need a backup lead with him so they should HIRE a DANCER. Rey suggests Swayam’s name without even thinking what AK was meaning. AK calls Swayam and tries to brainwash his mind against Rey telling that Rey wants him to be his substitute. He asks him whether he wants to become a LEAD DANCER. Swayam is thinking on it.

Update Credit to: namratajadhav

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