Dil Dosti Dance 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 2nd May 2013 Written Update

The gang goes for a group hug.Swayam informs Sharon that his dad her come for Taani and Sharon says that is this the reason for Rey to not participate.Swayam asks Sharon to call Rey as may be Best friends voice touches the heart.Sharon calls Rey but that stays unanswered.Rey is about to see the message due to constant ringing when Kaka comes and informs Rey that his bike has arrived from the garage

They are BS college and very good.Taani says but she knows they will be the best.The team moves forward.Sharon asks who will improvise on Rey’s part.Vicky suggests Swayam.Swayam says he hass a feel that it will not be needed.The judges come in.After seeing the same judge of Dance camp team gets worried.Swayam asks them to chill.Sharon says may be they wont recognise.Swayam says they need not worry.They need to concentate and relax.Call comes for team to take the stage.The team performs on a medly of songs.Rey enters and seeing this the team smiles and Taani feels happy too..After performance the team jumps up and laughs out.Swayam sees and says finally you came.Rey says your message came how could I not come.He remembers that after seeing the bike he saw the text and thinks he must go to the eliminations right now and moves.They both hug and Taani smiles seeing thia.They were enjoying when a volunteer comes and asks Taani to move their team out.She comes and says,Barath asks for the marks when Rey says they will move.The volunteer informs that they will get their marks in mail.The gang finally bows and moves out of the stage.In the green room Taani says its true that what happens is for good.Rey must have not been hear but Tauji should have been.Rey is silent for whole time.Swayam and Sharon see it and Swayam also gives a look to Sharon.Rey says that if I would have not come hear how would things have been managed.Swayam says now you are hear why think about all this.Barath and Rest cheer up saying Rey is the hero and picks him up.Rey feels they all feel I’m a hero but if I had not seen Swayam’s message I would have not been hear.I was locking up myself in a room and staying away from Dance.What a big mistake was I going to make.

Precap:Taani feels really happy for Rey.Rey thinks what have I made Taani into.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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