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Huma comes home. Her mom comes running and ask where you were. Her ammi asks was she selected. She begins to tell her but her ammi ask were you selected. She thinks about D3 academy and says she couldn’t have ruined her ammi’s six years of hardwork. She hugs her and tells her that they will have dinner together.
Ishika stops rickshaws, but none stops. Raghav pulls up his car seeing her and says Hi. She asks who is it you are saying a Hi to. He says to her Vishnu, he says Vishnu is always an illusionary person. She tells him Vishnu got into a meeting and she cant even find a rickshaw. She says no thanks, but he says you can consider your Vishnu sent here. He asks did you give the dance academy auditions, she tells him she cant dance. She gets Vishnu’s call and says she is coming to auto-rickshaw

with a friend. Raghav smiles looking at her, she sees a rickshaw and tells him to stop the car. She asks if this rickshaw is spare, and comes to Raghav to say thankyou. Raghav says there is no sorry and thankyou in friendship, she says we aren’t friends so thankyou and goes in the rickshaw. He thinks these girls are so sweet.
In the workshop, they all see Huma coming. Swayam sees and says hi to her, he introduces her and says this is the girl I told you about. She says she thought about the offer, and says I want to join. Rey comes and says that he wants to see her dance as as much as he knows Sharon she wont ever reject a potential, talented dance. She says ok, I am ready. She dances. When she is done, she asks when will she know the results, Rey says just right now. They all come forward, Rey forwards his hand saying Welcome to D3 academy. Swayam also comes to thank her but she hugs him saying thankyou for giving me this chance.
Karma sees the challan and thinks how will he arrange 1 lac 75 thousand rupees. He comes inside, he comes to the officer, he tells him to submit it in accounts officer. He asks if he can submit fee in installments. The officer says that he should just think if he is taught this dance in installments as well. Karma thinks he should ask Sharon about it too.
Sharon takes Swayam, his eyes blinded. She takes him to her cabin and opens his eyes. She tells him her mom gifted her cabin. He teases that he should call her ma’am now. She asks how he did like it. She asks that don’t you think we should say thanks to mom, as she provided us with a great place to do romance. He ties the cloth on her eyes; she asks what he is doing. He says he what she just said; romance. He takes her to her seat, he says he never feels like working when she does romantic talk to him. They all come inside, Sharon says she forgot she had called them all to see the cabin. Swayam says this cabin is great. Nil tells Rey to give some suggestions how to make up her mom’s mood. Swayam says first it took a long time for her, now her mom is also a problem. Their pizza comes, Sharon announces it is the treat from my side. They all cheer and celebrate.
Raghav was with a girl in cafeteria. He gets his Dida’s call, she complains that he has forgotten them. She asks did he submit the fee. He says he did, she tells him they are coming after a day. The girl asks him will he be her date at fresher’s party. He boasts that he has been appointed as the advisor of fresher party committee by Sharon. He gets a call, and says it is Sharon again; will talk to her later. He goes to take the coffee and finds Huma standing in front of her.
Sharon asks her team about the arrangements of the fresher’s party. She stands up, and ask if they have any ideas about the fresher’s party. She says they must give a group dance, which will also be beneficial for their academies. They all get silent, she say I am sorry. But Rey and Swayam says that they can set an example this way that how important is cooperation in dance even. Simmi asks shall they go to rehearsals then. Nil says time flies so quickly, he still remembers their fresher’s party. They all recall that day.

PRECAP: Ishika is about to fall, Raghv holds her in the party. While Huma takes pics of them together saying what a pose.

Update Credit to: Sona

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