Dil Dosti Dance 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 2nd July 2013 Written Update

Rishi asks Rey to leave he adds saying I dont want to know why you are hear I just want you to go from hear. Rey moves from there.Sharon is trying to make Taani come when Rishi comes and says then you are not going.Taani says she has work.Rishi says you have issues with Rey.Rishi says he Knows Rey is a dancer.Sharon and Taani are shocked.Rishi asks why did you lie abt Rey being a dancer.Taani says cause I didnt want you to hate Rey like Brother but now it does not bother her as now there is nothing more.Sharon asks if its nothing then come with her. Taani says she cant.Sharon says then she wont go and ST.Louis team will dance without her.Rishi says moving away from situation is not the solution.Go and face it.Taani agrees to go.(India-Forum Exclusive)
Sharon sees Rishi and smiles.Swayam

is speaking with Aashi she says she is practicing. Swayam says he needs standby and Aashi agrees to come.Simmi asks how Swayam says he did send the video to both Vicky and Aashi and Aashi has been practicing.Simmi says he is the best and did have a back up plan.Swayam says I had to being the captain..

Rishi asks Sharon does she have the habbit of forcing her thoughts on others .Sharon says when one does not understand it needs to be forced.Rishi says it as the problem of whole generation.Sharon asks if she asks politely will he come to NDC.Rishi says NO. Sharon asks calmly when he can support Taani why not Swayam.If he was true even a percent why will they have to lie.She continues Rey and Swayam are best friends ,the thing that binds them is dance.Its our passion that you don’t like.If not for yourself come to find out our passion please.Rishi keeps reading a magazine.(India-Forum Exclusive)Taani comes and says they can move.Sharon sees Rishi but he does not change.Aashi comes in the green room .Amar says if you do not come,Aashi says no emotional drama.They see the performance of group and Barath asks so many people to support them.Nilesh says not us but Carmella.

Rey comes back to venue and team sees it.Simmi says untill Sharon comes they all will move to green room.Rey stays back.Swayam sits beside him and says today Mt.Carmella will win.Rey asks is it fixed.Swayam says the burden of making your team loose cause of you is too much.You will not be able to sleep and will regret it badly.I dont want you to feel bad later.You know the team needs you.(India-Forum Exclusive)Give your full…The anchor degrades St.Louis as under dog team again in anchoring.Barath hears this and says she is saying bad .Swayam says we will prove them that even underdogs win.

Taani and Sharon are in the car and speaking .Sharon gets a call from Swayam asking where are they.Sharon replies saying they will reach in five minutes.Swayam asks is Taani there she says yes.Swayam tells her that Amar has twisted his ankle and Aashi is back.Sharon asks will she be able to dance.(For India-Forum members alone)Swayam says that she is a great dancer and has been practicing there is just issues with formation and Nilesh is helping her out. Sharon then speaks with Taani. Taani thanks her and says now hope he supports Swayam.Sharon asks what about Rey and Taani says there is nothing.

Precap;The compere comes to the green room .Rishi comes in when compere says parents are not allowed.Rishi goes to speak with Swayam

Update Credit to: asmaju

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