Dil Dosti Dance 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 29th October 2013 Written Update

Swayam asks Sharon what is she doing when Sharon replies saying she is cooking.Swayam says it is already difficult and asks her not to make it more difficult.Sharon replies saying she wont leave it and go.Swayam says he has kaka when Sharon replies with she gave him an off.Swayam asks why is she cooking around 4 in the morning.Sharon says for his breakfast so you can eat and take rest.Swayam is about to fall when Sharon holds him in her arms.Sharon says this was one of your wish and its getting fulfilled.Swayam replies saying she has lost the opportunity.Sharon says when he made the wish did he know that they would ever be together.The is a time o fulfill a wish and today one is getting done.You like it or not I’m making it.You can reject me but not ignore me. Swayam falls down

from her arms when Sharon says sorry and asks him if he is alright or has he hurt somewhere.Swayam and Sharon both share an eye lock.

The whole gang decides to have night out ant Rey’s house and they sing a birthday song for him.Barath says though he is sleepy he is not able to sleep.Simmi says without competition their life has become boring.Rey agrees to it and says that since they have been used to competition they trend to get bored. They say they will continue celebrations.Since no one was getting sleep Vicky gets up and says they will discuss ghost stories when girls say no.They decide to play games when Rey finally suggests Pillow fight..The pillow fight begins and they mess up the whole hall. Sharon brings in breakfast for Swayam when he was keeping Ice bag on his head.Swayam asks sharon to go and he would have it.Sharona asks him to focus on food and not on her.She adds she wont be leaving out before morning. Swayam thinks Oh God whole night Sharon will stay here.Swayam tells her he is not hungry.Sharon says you must have told it when I was cooking. Swayam asks Sharon why is she doing all this it feels strange and he is uncomfortable.Sharona asks him did you forget when I was unwell you came and took care of me made breakfast and al. Swayam remembers jumping into her room through window.Sharon says she will sit beside him and take care.Swayam says fine and lies down on bed. Sharon makes a face and tells pulls up a chair and sits down seeing Swayam.Swayam slightly opens his eyes when Sharon waves her hand.Swayam again sleeps out.Sharon wakes up o find Swayam not in his bed.She walks up to hall where she hears sound and sees swayam having food.She thinks it must be good and so is he eating.Swayam thinks never thought Sharon would cook delicious food.Cheese omelet is god.He then drinks his juice thanking her for fulfilling his wish.Sharon sees this and hides when he gets up.She ruses into the room and pretends to sleep.Swayam wallks in with slow foot steps without making any noise and sees Sharon for a while and later hops into bed.Sharon thinks so he is affected and we can soon be together.She says to herself she wont loose him and he needs to love her again. “I’lll make you fall in Love with me Mr.Shekhawat.This is the right time.

Sharon is in her house getting ready when she says a new day,a new look and a new Sharon for Swayam.She needs to search his dream and so here it comes. Vicky and Nilesh reach college in Simmi’s tata nano and advertise it. Rey asks Swayam how is he.Swayam says he is better. Barath says he though Sharon would have made it bad. They get to know VP wants to meet Swayam,Sharon,Rey and Aashi all search for Sharon.Vicky says he felt the whole cultural team is important.Barath says the person who shows attitude has not come and when she comes he wont be able to do anything. Sharon enters dressed in salwar.Vicky asks is it traditional day today.The girls says she looks great and one asks her is it not too white.Swayam keeps seeing her.Rey asks her she is looking good but why this different look. Sharon says being predictable is boring and so from today whatever she does she will do it differently.She asks them to be ready for suprise.Vicky says when you stayed back yesterday and took care of Swayam we made our-self ready by then.Aashi inform that they are getting late to meet the VP.Swayam says khoobsurat to himself when Sharon asks what did he says.Swayam thinks was it loud and nods in negation when Rey says he told nothing.Swayam and Sharon move in same way and are about to bang each other when Swayam asks Sharon to move first and then he follows.

Precap:VP asks team to prepare for any fund collection event.The team suggests Diwali..VP says the cultural team will handle dance and there needs to be a play too.Swayam and Aashi asks about Ramleela..

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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