Dil Dosti Dance 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 29th May 2013 Written Update

Taani is in the projector room where she plans how to speak with the gang as just now the misunderstanding have been cleared and she does not want to start it off again.She was speaking and practising to say this is not Ok again and again in different tones when the gang comes in and hears it.They see the stick and tell she is behaving like a teacher.Once team comes in Taani tells them she knows about Jashn.they discuss among themselves how does she know Jashn when Simmi says she is the GS.Aashi informs Tani that team wont be doing Jashn.Tani is surprised with this and Sharon confirms her saying the team has just decided for it.One from team asks if Taani will come for rehearsal.The reply among themselves as how will she when Rey will be present around.Taani says they think she is week

but she is not so week.She will come to see the rehearsals.

The team starts the reherasls when the VP comes in and congratulates the team for being selected for semis.He asks how is the reherasals going on to the captain.Swayam replies good.VP asks if he is all confident.Swayam says when team is like this he can be 100% confident.Vp says even the GS and AGS must assist.He leaves and Taani and Rey see each other.

The team starts with which routine to practise.Neha says that they are poor at lifs.So All accept that they will do so.Rey asks all to select with their partner when Barath moves towards Neha.Amar comes a up and moves Barath from there.Rey comes and asks what Amar says he is doing with Rinni.Re says both will be doing with Rinni.The team starts pacticing the lifts when Sharon asks Swayam not to but Swayam says he is fine and lift and his pain aggravates and he lies down.Rey comes and sees and tells him to go to medical room.Sharon stays when Rey says as Sharon knows more about physiotherapy she can go and see him.Rey and Taani are speaking in the rehearsal hall when Rey asks her to show about the NDC teams. Taani gives in the files.The gang is worried if they have to change the routine or will Swayam be able to participate in NDC.Taani and Rey are discussing when gang feels there is something between them.They let love never hides.The gang has a challenge among themselves and monitor the eye and body language of Rey and Taani.Taani tells to Rey that Swayam will dance.He has gone through even more pains and overcame them probability she too was like Swayam.

Swayam,Sharon and Physiotherapist are in the basket ball court where the physiotherapist asks him to throw the basket ball backwards.Swayam says he still has pain.The physio asks him to move his hands and then his legs.Sharon is all confused why he is asking him to move legs and questions him as to what is he doing.He continues and Sharon says we can do this interiors too.Swayam says he is fine.The physio says she can go in if she wants.Sharon says and goes round and round as the physio moves Swayam and asks him if he has a valid degree.She says he has to give him physio for Dance and not for bone.He keeps continuing and Sharon moves her leg forward while he walks nd he falls down and hurts his shoulder.Sharon and Swayam laugh and Sharon goes and asks if he is alright and whome will he go for exercise as he is hurt.The physio moves and says he will go and Sharon reminds him to take his bag.

While moving he bangs into two persons and scolds them as they could not see and walk.Swayam and Sharon sees new fellow and thinks they are for event and before they meet Taani they must speak and follow them.The persons ask for taani and a student replies she is GS.Swayam and Sharon why they are hear.The guys reply saying they have come hear for taani and her friends.Swayam and Sharon direct them towards rehearsal hall where the team is rehearsing and they are stunned.They says that the quality of college is known by the students and the canteen and they are fab.Swayam and Sharon do ahem ahem and they move in saying Taani is there.

Swayam calls Tani and she sees the people and come out excited and says you guys hear.They reply her saying they came to invite for FURKREY party.The team asks party and says yes its a party of all fukreys.There is even a flim and so on..The team and boys to fukrey song and again the guys give the invites and thank Taani.Swayam asks Taani why are they thanking her when she says she did some last minute help.Swayam thinks Rey’s plan is working fine as Taani is concentrating on other acts too.

Preacap:Swayam injury turns serious.(I’m sorry as I could not watch the remaining part)

Update Credit to: asmaju

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