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Swayam holds Sharon on the couch, he says I was wrong, it sounds illogical. She says this is office, someone might come. Swayam says sorry, I recalled something. They both think about the rainy night they spent together.

Dr. Kriti calls for the next patient. Vicky comes inside. She says I am busy right now, he says I wanted to check as we didn’t talk for so many days. He coughs and says he is feeling cold. She says she isn’t an ENT specialist but she can recommend one. He says that the doctor won’t be that sweet. Kriti fiancé comes inside.

Sharon sits on the sofa and asks him Huma told you about Karma and my talk. He says that she must have just panicked like I did. She says you are still taking her side. He says I don’t want to fight. She says that’s why I am telling you

to stay away from her. He says she is my student and I even can’t stay away from you too. She hugs him.

Kriti introduces Ajeet to Vicky. Vicky says we have met already, Ajeet is rude to Vicky. He tells Vicky we are getting married in the next 20 days. Vicky says congratulations and heads to leave. Ajeet asks what kind of treatment it was that you are leaving as soon as I came. They both confront. Kriti shouts at them to get out! They leave.

Ishika comes down thinking Vishnu knows her college ends at 6 o clock, still he hasn’t come. She thinks about calling him but the cell phone’s battery goes down. She goes to the gate and waits there. She asks the girl about the time and is worried it is 6.30. She goes to admin to call.

Ajeet takes Vicky and says he want to talk to him. He says he is unable to control his anger. Ajeet says that I know you like her. Vicky says we are just good friends, Ajeet says that he doesn’t want to marry her by force, do you love her. Vicky says yes. Ajeet beats Vicky that he finally said all the truth. The management comes to stop them, but Ajeet warns Vicky before leaving.

Ishika finds the admin locked as well. She looks at Raghv coming and calls his name. He gets melodramatic; she says she wants his help. He again reacts dramatic. She says she want his phone, please.  He says she must not say please to him atleast as she saved his number in her phone the first day. She recalls how they fall together and he handed her phone to her. He gives her his cell phone; she calls Vishnu and talks to him as Raghv watches her. She looks at him too.

They all think about Vicky, he comes all bruised. They get worried and ask him. He tells them the whole story. Nil says that there is always a problem because of that Kriti, love is blind and now brings this bruise as well. Kriti comes there, Swayam tells him to be quiet. She says his friends are right, and wants to talk to him. They leave.

Ishika gives Raghv the cell phone back, he says she remembers Vishnu’s number by heart; either he is special or her memory is. He tells her he talked to Sharon about her academy. She gets annoyed and leaves. Raghv saves Vishnu’s number.

Kriti tells Vicky that she is sorry about Ajeet. She says that you gave me a courage about taking a decision in life, and my wedding has been postponed as I broke my engagement. Now I will marry with a guy of my own choice. She says you are a special friend always. They were all listening to them, when Kriti leaves she notices them dismissing from the hide and laughs. Nil hugs Vicky congratulating.

Swayam comes to Huma who was practicing. Swayam says I want to talk about Karma. She says he heard about it herself. He says you said Sharon took Karma, but she didn’t take the decision. There is a difference. She apologizes. He says it is his mistake, she is a student and he should keep her away from all these matters. She says you are so calm today because of that blo*dy Sharon… Swayam tells her there is no need for her to get aggressive.

PRECAP: Karma holds Huma by arm in the corridor and asks who is she to interfere in his life; he will never come to D3. Swayam and Huma sits in the corridor, Swayam says he doesn’t understand whether to write Karma’s name in the team or not. There will be problem either if he won’t come, or if his name is missing

Update Credit to: Sona

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