Dil Dosti Dance 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 29th July 2013 Written Update

The gang is walking in the corridor thinking what Mr. Khurana has in store of them. They pray that it isn’t any problem that they have put themselves into. Swayam tries to convince them that rey will handle it but neha saya why rey, we will handle it and the group agrees. On the other hand rey thinks that if the group once apologies he wil forgive them.

In the meanwhile Mr. Khurana comes there and says all to relax and that their isn’t any need to crib about the previous night. He also informs them about the press conference he has planned for the D3 team to be known in front of the world. He asks them to prepare a power packed performance or perform one of their old one and that it is going to be held in the college itself.

The team congratulates each other but

forgets and avoids rey. He asks everyone to assemble in the RH and rushes away but no one follows him. The team [except swayam] decides to ignore rey and go completely against him and move to the RH. Swayam tries to talk to rey but he asks to concentrate on the act more and by this the team arrives. Rey asks for their opinion but the team ignores him and decides to concentrate on their addicates more. After wasting loads of time they agree to practice in their own way. They all simply freak out and finally rey joines them.

Mr. Khurana enters with some reputated person and they find the whole gang wiling away their time. He mocks the whole gang only to be saved by Aditya. The man blurts out that they wanted only Rey and don’t know what aditya saw in the rest of them. the gang is shocked beyond limits.

The gang moves to the canteen where swayam explains all that they should be greatful of rey instead of blaming or accusing him. He encourages them to be part of the press conference and that it is for them and not for rey alone. The team and rey apologize to each other and all gear up for the event.


The gang are shown rehearsing the whole day with bg as zinda from bhaag milka bhaag. During the day swayam receives a best of luck gift from sharon with home made muffins. The gang finishes the muffins without swayam getting to taste them where swayam silently hides the card sent y sharon. The day ends this way.

At evening, everyone is in the locker room preparing themselves whereas aditya is shown in the attrium promising his clients that rey will be the ONLY one in the limelight. Aditya leaves to get the team and till then the media arrives. Meanwhile, swayam receives a voice message from sharon wishing him all the best.

Aditya begins the program and calls the d3 team on stage and introduces rey as their leader. A single spotlight is shown on rey. Th egang gets furious where rey is confused. Swayam tries to calm them and control the situation. The team dance their charity event act where in the whole dance a single spot light is focused on rey only. The team leaves the stage without bowing to the audience leaving reyam. After this aditya comes on the stage and introduces rey as the new dancing sensation.

The team feels let down and back – stabbed. Aditya announces of a music video with rey as the main lead in it. Rey is still in a shock when the media hovers over him and starts questioning him. The team misunderstand him and leave from there.


Rey goes near aditya and questions him about his deeds. ADitya inturn blames the gang and states that they aren’t professional yet and so he had to do all that he did. Swayam comes there and informs rey of the teams condition. Rey asks him to get the whole gang for the final announcement. Swayam agrees and asks rey to focus on the events happening.

Swayam rushes to get the gang who refuse at first but on being persuaded by swayam they agree halfheartedly. Meanwhile Adi’s gang asks him to make the final announcement.

Adi reaches on the stage and makes the announcement of a new name for their team. He forces rey to do the honours. Rey asks to wait for the D3 gang to come but adi says they do not have time and gives rey the scissors to cute the ribbon and reveal the new name. Rey hesitantly moves forward and cuts the ribbon and at the same time the gang sees him and again misunderstands him. Rey pulls the curtains apart to reveal “REYzors”, the new name of their team. The team is shocked and questions each other that are they not D3 anymore.


PRECAP : Rey is confused and asks swayam what to do. Rey meets the gang in the RH and tries to explain things to the gang but no one is ready to listen to him. Swayam tries to pacify them by saying that rey has a meeting with Mr. Khurana and still he is here just to explain them that he isn’t guilty.

Update Credit to: Born2Dance

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