Dil Dosti Dance 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 29th January 2013 Written Update

Rey rang the door bell of Swayam’s home and Taani opened up the door.Rey told her that he did not guess that she’ll open the door.She told him she knew he was coming.Rey told Aashi and Nilesh are also coming with him to which she replied saying there are already here.He told there is door between them to which Taani opened the door fully to let him in.Swayam came and Rey and Taani saw him.He was moving in when Rey asked where is he going to which Swayam said that he is moving in.Rey comes to him and says he is here to meet him to which Taani self says that she will not come in-front him.

Rey and Swayam move in.Swayam gets uncomfortable seeing Taani sitting on his bed.Rey tells him if meeting is in the bedroom than where will she sit.Swayam tells they will move to living room and they go on there to discuss.
The think of who will speak with Sharon.Aashi tells she will speak with her as they dont know each other.The guys dream of their conversation and shout no as that wont work.She wont even give heed.Nilesh points at Swayam and again imagines what will happen.He too says no and keeps his hand on his cheek and says no.they decide even tempting sharon wont work.Aashi comes and says that Shaam Dhaam Dhand bhed nothing is working . Rey stops and asks Dhand means punishment and things of blackmailing and again says no as that will create new issues.Its a bad idea.Rey and Nilesh asks why has Swayam not said anything.Nilesh says he has done a PhD in Sharon.Swayam agrees and says their way is itself wrong.Its a unconventional approach..

They decide on acting,Aashi intrupts and asks about them its fine but why will the new team agree.Rey decides they have to do double acting.They finally decide on “Operation Sharon”.
Sharon is walking in the atrium when Neha and Vicky speak as Rey cant be the captian.Sharon moves forward in the corridor where Amar and Barath that Swayam cant be the captian as the new team is not good Sharon turns around and sees them Bharath says they didn’t notice her.She asks has she lost so much weight.Barath runs from them.Simmi and Rinni come front to speak and says they are coming towards her only.They also let her know about the problem and Simmi asks she can be the coach if not dance.Sharon says no and moves out.

Rey,Swayam and Nilesh at the locker room.Rey receives a call.Swayam sees its from Taani.Rey moves to speak.Taani asks him about meeting in the entrance of the terrace a.Rey gets to say Bhul gaya to which Taani gets hyper and asks him if he has forgotten and he says he has not and will come back in some time.Swayam receivs a call and all move to attend it up.The boys come forward and says they are here and they were searching from them everywhere.Rey tells he could have called him.Nicob answers saying that they need them and not vice versa.They have come to ask when is the rehearsal.They told they had texted them asking time.Piyesh told he had replied.Nilesh told but Nicob did not. when they ask for time he says he is busy and will inform soon.The boys come to know from Priyesh that Nicob is making others against Rey.Rey receives another call from Taani and he does not attend.Swayam asks him to go and meet.

He also adds Nilesh and him will manage.Rey moves towards the terrace.Taani was coming down when she meets him.She tells she is upset with him to which rey sings Ek mai aur ek tu.Seeing the pout agrees.The gang is in the class room discussing when Sharon enters.Swayam and Nilesh enter her class and keep their head down.They deciode who will start when Aashi comes and finds she has to work.She starts her act and then rest join in.She shows the simple steps they have practiced and Sharon looks at her when She dances with Swayam.

Precap: Sharon in rehearsal hall.Rey and nicob fight and Nicob tells bad about team..

Update Credit to: asmaju

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