Dil Dosti Dance 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 28th October 2013 Written Update

The dance battle begins between the two teams with D3 wining it at an end..the host announces D3 as winner and it being a surprise too. They start beating each other when the opposite team says them as rats and chicken and starts fight The fight goes on when Swayam and Sharon see each other when their backs hit and then join the fight…A guys hits Swayam on his head and he falls down.The other gang runs away.the whole group is in Swayam’s home when Swayam wakes up. Swayam asks them did they win when Aashi says they had great fight.Aashi also lets the gang know though she is his secrete admirer Rey does not want it other way and hence they have decided to be friends. Rey sees Aashi and asks her back and Aashi says.They agree and Aashi asks gang not to tease.Rinni says this is her

first time experience in street battle and street dance.The gang asks where is Sharon and they get to know she is in Kitchen.swayam is shocked hearing this.Sharon comes in the room and asks everyone to leave if they want Swayam to come and rehearse tomorrow.Swayam says everyone includes you too.Sharon says no she will stay here.The gang is shocked.Rinni asks why when Sharon says cause she says so.Baratah says if you show your anger on him he will get even more sick.Swayam asks her to go when she says if you want to push me out of your house.

The gang decides to leave leaving Swayam and Sharon.Swayam wishes Rey happy birthday and say the celebration continues tomorrow. Barath teases Rey and Aashi when AAshi holds his ears and pulls him out.Rey comes and wishes him luck and moves.At the door he wishes him again.the gang is at gate when they speak what has happened to Sharon.Vicky says today is different first street dance then street fight and now Sharon staying with Swayam.Vicky says may be sharon realized her mistake about being rude with Swayam and wants to mend things now.Amar says she is taking care of Swayam which Rinni explains others.The gang moves forward when Rey and Simmi see each other.Simmi asks does Rey know and ey asks what about her.Simmi says Sharon told her and Rey informs both Swayam and Sharon told him.he told he had promised not to tell anyone about it.Simmi says Sharon is alone and misses them. Rey replies its her mistake.Simmi says but she is regretting it too.She is feeling very lonely as both you and Swayam are upset with her. Simmi says Rey is an ideal friend.he has been hiding the secrete for so long from others.Rey replies that is what friendship is.Simmi says that is why they trust you.Rey asks Simmi why is she buttering him.Simmi says she wants to eat extra cake tomorrow.

Sharon is in kitchen where she decides to make omelet and juice and that is a healthy diet for Swayam.She takes the eggs to beat them when the sound wakes up Swayam.He walks to the kitchen and shocked seeing Sharon cook.Sharon asks him what does he want.

Swayam is about to fall when Sharon holds him. Sharon decides to get ready in different style.She comes to college in salwar and Swayam says Khoobsurat

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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