Dil Dosti Dance 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Sharon leaves the place. Swayam also leaves saying he isn’t interested as well.
Sharon dances in the room, thinking about Swayam. Avantika comes there and asks what she is doing. She says she wants to say something important, she was excited about the merger and throw a party to announce it. Sharon will organize it. Sharon says she might not be able to do it, as she is much disturbed. Avantika says that being great means, one should keep the personal and professional life separate. It will keep her distracted as well, and Sara is also with her. Sharon agrees and hugs her.
Dida and Raghv meet Ishika in the jogging track. Dida asks did she get the home. Ishika says she is looking for it, and will soon find it. Raghv asks Dida why she is always talking to her about leaving. Dida says

he can’t tell her about his illness, he is being selfish asking her to stay. He must let her go.
Rey comes to Swayam’s room, he was asleep. Rey asks him to go, but Swayam says he wants to sleep. He takes his quilt on his face, but Rey doesn’t leave. Swayam says he will pour someone else’s anger on someone else. Rey says he has find a place, where he can pour his anger out.
The D3 boys discuss about the meeting, in café. Huma and Karma come to the café. Huma said Karma is so cute, he was reluctant as everyone was watching. Karma takes a leave from her. Huma thinks she will cling her so much that he will run away. She asks the waiter to bring a super big club sandwich and chocolate milkshake, and asks him to give the whole café treat from Karma and put the bills on Karma’s account.
Rey tells Swayam to punch the bag, as much as he wants. Swayam says his anger won’t lessen this way. Rey asks for three punches he must try. Swayam tries a punch, Rey teases if he is playing with his girlfriend. Swayam closes his eyes, thinking about Sharon. He makes a punch harder, and says it felt better. Rey says he must punch his anger out, on this. Rey asks how he feels, Swayam says it is better. Rey takes him to drink cold coffee in college. He asks didn’t he get the message about the meeting. He says obviously not, but Rey says that Swayam is a really important part of the academy.
Ishika comes to class to watch Huma and Karma together. Karma sat with her, but he gives Ishika the seat. Ishika teases her, but Huma tells her about the bet. Ishika says she must talk to Karma, Huma smiles at Karma and says she will handle him herself. She will love and cuddle him so much that he will run 10 km from her. Ishika wishes she was like her, but Huma says she is even stronger as she handled Raghv’s fake rejection so well. Ishika says she doesn’t know it is handling or avoiding.
Sharon comes and asks they all got the message. Bharat says they don’t know about Swayam but they all got it. Sharon tells them about the party. Rey asks why party. Swayam suggests there can be press conference. Sharon says this is merger, there must be firework and maximum media coverage. Simmi asks will it be formal. Swayam says it must be formal and casual both. Sharon says it will be formal. That is decided. Swayam heads to leave, Rey stops him. Sharon says this is professional meeting, he can stay here.
Swayam says Ms. Rai Prakash! he is a part of highly professional team, why they called them when St Luois has decided everything already.

PRECAP: In the party, Sharon says Swayam might not come as it is a couple entry only. Swayam arrives with a girl there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. wat de hell is going on with this serial its really becoming a crap now a days

  2. wat de hell is going on with this serial its really becoming a crap now a days really boring

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