Dil Dosti Dance 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 28th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with team walking in the corridor Nilesh says with bigger event with good events.Like after marriage we got Jashn event.Aashi says we are not doing Jashn.Simmi says that its all the more reason why we must not tell Taani.Rey pushes Sharon to tell it to Taani.She asks him not to forget the DIVA attitude.Swayam sees Rey and Sharon speak.Sharon asks Taani has she seen Rey.Taani replies with a No.Sharon comes out as Taani is not even replying.Sharon moves.Rey catches her and asks for her to speak.
Amar and Barath say that Taani must not know about Jashn or she will turn to Valcono.Swayam notices Sharon and Rey speaking and finds something is wrong.Sharon again goes and speaks with Taani.She asks sorry and says she needs to speak with Rey as a team mate and as Taani is

Rey boss can she speak with him.Taani says she will speak to him as a GS.Sharon says she needs to speak with him about a event.Taani asks event.Sharon asks did she hear event.Know she said Jash and runs out.Rey hears this and feels happy and moves out from there.Sharon bangs into Swayam.Taani comes out and asks Swayam about the event where he says he does not know about it and asks the team to elaborate about it.Sharon just stammers and says nothing.

Swayam says to Taani that he is CS and if he knows something will let her know.Taani moves from there.Swayam asks Sharon to come with him as he needs to speak about it.He asks Sharon to move first.There were walking in a lone corridor when Swayam asks Sharon why was the mistake.Sharon sees him surprised.Swayam says he did notice it.Sharon thinks that this must not create misunderstanding.She informs Swayam that she cant tell it as it will create misunderstandings.Swayam asks wait a sec have you promised someone not to tell this to me.Sharon replies in positive.Swayam asks who.Sharon says Rey.Swayam questions her why to which Sharon replies saying so that you don’t come to know about the plan.Swayam is confused about plan and Sharon explains to him about the whole break up plan that Rey has made cause Taani had forgotten her responsibilities and her only aim was to marry Rey.Swayam remembers the talk he had with Rey and says so that was about Taani.Swayam asks so all the fight between Rey and him was also a plan Sharon replies in positive and he jumps in happiness that Rey still loves his sister.Swayam gets a pain in his chest and Sharon gets concerned and asks he still has pain.Swayam says all pains have gone and says he needs to meet Rey and moves.Sharon tries to stop him but falls down.

Taani is in a room when she thinks about the event.She feels NDC is nearing and team is still concentrating on the event.She needs to speak with them.Rey is speaking about the sports activities that are to be heald at their college when Swayam comes and hugs him and says he is happy .The boys in the room move out giving Rey and Swayam time to talk.Swayam tells Rey he knows the actual reason for the break up.Rey asks you know.Swayam says yes and its for the betterment of Taani.They keep speaking hear when Sharon gets a call from Taani saying she needs to speak with the Dance team.Sharon asks Taani why did she call them when the captain is Swayam.Taani says that she needed her there more.Sharon says that Swayam and Rey are busy.Taani says so the rest can come.Sharon agrees and message the team members.She feels that Rey arrow has hit on the proper spot.

Taani is in the projector room when the team is coming .There are in the attrium when they see the poster of FUKREY party and feels its long since they have attended any party and will be attending it.The decide to get details from the desired number soon.
Taani feels hear she is doing all for team and they are talking footage.Once they do NDC well they will automatically get events.She must make them understand the importance of NDC.

Precap:Fukrey team on sets of D3.Swayam gets pain again while he lifts Sharon.Team asks will he be able to perform.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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