Dil Dosti Dance 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 28th March 2014 Written Update

Everyone is standing in the hall. Rey tells Amar to only let Swayam come. Then he’ll tell him about an idea through which his job problem could be solved. Amar tells him to make it quick, he has just 30 minutes to reach his job and his manager is a strict man. As Swayam comes, Rey tells him about the idea of business and shows him the file. Amar’s eyes get lightened up. They tell him that after this he won’t have to go to his job anymore, and they can also continue their dance practice. Amar is worried that where the investment will come from. They tell him that they will all help him in the business initially. He is reluctant but agrees upon everyone’s assistance. He thanks them saying that he always dreamt of a business but never had the money. Now his family problems will be

solved, he’ll be able to continue college and the dance will also not be affected. They tell him that they will all help him at night in his restaurant work. Rey says that since Kriya was also coming today, they shall start dance rehearsals from today.

They all dance in the corridor celebrating. Peon arrives and informs them that VP sir is calling Rey, Sharon and Swayam. As they go there, VP sir is worried. Rey asks what the matter is. He tells them that their college is going from private to being public, so all the important decisions about the college will be placed before court. Sharon asks how it will affect them. He says maybe their dreams about affiliation could not be fulfilled anymore. He tells them to leave the rehearsals and start to concentrate on their studies. They ask how much time will be required for this procedure, two weeks. Three weeks? VP tells them, “6 months minimum”!

Kriya is called by an officer. She enters the office. He says “Miss Kriya, please come in. I have been sent an email from India that they do not want you there anymore for the affiliation.” She asks the reason but he says he is not told. She leaves by saying thanks.

Rey, Sharon and Swayam come out of the office, gloomily. Rey says in frustration ‘Dance cannot die. He won’t allow this. He will talk to admin about this’ Sharon tells him to calm down otherwise their team will be adversely affected. She suggests her dad could contact education ministry about this and goes to call him. Rey asks why all their dreams have to suffer such a fate. Sharon comes back and says that her dad will definitely help them. They wonder how Kriya will react to this. Swayam thinks aloud, ‘who will tell her? She even left the world’ best dancing school scholarship for this affiliation!’ Rey and Sharon get shocked at the news and looks at him inquiringly. He says sorry to them ans tells them Kriya tokk promise from him not to tell anyone that she was offered the scholarship in London but she rejected it because of their group. Rey says she sacrifices so much for the affiliation, they did a lot to keep Amar in the team and now this!

Swayam gets a call. They both calls Kriya! But he tells them it’s Ruhi. He asks them to leave so that he can see her too. Sharon is lost in thoughts. Swayam leaves. Rey asks her what the matter with her.

Everyone else was in the dancing room. Nil asks Simmi to give her her laptop as he wants to mail Vicky. Simmi says he could also do it after rehearsals. Nil gets harsh and says she can tell him if she is not giving, he’ll go to IT centre. Simmi feels awkward and hands him the laptop. Amar thanks everyone for the restaurant again and tells them how they will miss this dance, college and fun.

Sharon tells Rey about Ruhi, how she feels that she can exploit Swayam and create differences between them. Rey asks her why din’t she talk to him about her before. He says he will tell Swayam and was sure he would believe him. But Sharon takes promise from him that she will tell Swayam herself. Rey says he was with her.

Ruhi was standing behind the staircase. Swayam was coming from upstairs. She calls him and asks if he could take her to temple today’s evening. He agrees. She immediately comes in front of him smiling. He asks what she was doing her. She tells him since she was bored, she thought of taking some walk. She thanks him for being so careful for her. He says she must go and rest now when she tells him that it’s his rehearsal’s time. He gets disturbed. She asks the reason but he promises to tell her later and leaves.

Rey, Sharon and Swayam enter the dancing room. Everone was excited to start the rehearsals. Rey tells them that he has a more important work to do before, and that is to prepare Amar’s van. Once everything is done, their problems might be solved. Nil asks what their problem was. Swayam redirects by saying that Amar’s problem is their problem as well. Everyone agrees.

Sharon is in the locker room. Ruhi comes from behind and tells that Swayam was taking her temple today’s evening. Sharon tells her to go anywhere she wanted to, but in the end she’ll have to go tho Indore alone. She sees Swayam standing behind, changes the tone and inquires Ruhi about her injury. Ruhi understands and thanks her for keeping this much care about her. Swayam calls Sharon to come quick and leave. Ruhi says do whatever you want to. It’s just the beginning. Episode ends

PRECAP: Everyone busy is washing Amar’s van. Sharon talking on phone. Rey ans Swayam asks what it was about. She tells them her father talked to education ministry. He is afraid he won’t be able to help us.

Update Credit to: Tanya

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